Little Tricks how to Use Properly Yellow in Interior Design

Little Tricks how to Use Properly Yellow in Interior Design

We all know that yellow is a symbol of the sun, heat, and, of course, summer! Today we will tell you about all the intricacies of using this color in interior design and how to avoid mistakes.

In which Rooms is it Best to Use Yellow?


Yellow will help to cheer up in the morning and it is easier to postpone the process of awakening. The kitchen design, made in this color, increases the appetite and gives a good mood in the morning.


A yellow bathroom is guaranteed to charge you with a positive attitude every morning! This color helps to cope with depression and relieves a melancholic mood. Taking a bath in such a room, you will get rid of negative thoughts and make the necessary pause, which will help you to cope with any questions.


The fact is that yellow color improves performance and increases creativity! In other words, if you want to work fruitfully and increase your income, feel free to paint the walls yellow.


This is the place from which we begin to get acquainted with the house, and yellow is a friendly and very “cozy” shade that sets up a good mood.


For kids, the yellow color in the room is a real holiday: the room will always look bright and joyful, evoking positive emotions in the baby. In addition, it is proved that children want to paint yellow walls less, which means that they will remain safe and sound.

It is not recommended applying a yellow color in the living room and bedroom.

Secrets of the Use of Yellow in the Interior

  • To give the interior a new bright look, you do not need to paint everything in yellow in a row – just add a couple of bright accents, for example, frames on the wall, front door, stickers for decor or flower pots.
  • Hanging yellow curtains or tulle will create a sense of the presence of sunlight in the room. This is especially suitable for dark rooms.
  • Yellow increases the space, so it can be safely used to decorate small rooms.
  • To create a more “volumetric” look of your room, you can use several shades of yellow at once, and this interior will look quite unusual.
  • If you need to add warmth to the room, you can simply replace the furniture or use yellow blankets with pillows.

We hope our article will be useful for you and inspire new ideas!

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