Useful Tips on How not to Make Your House Move a Disaster

Useful Tips on How not to Make Your House Move a Disaster

The house move is always full of stress and unpleasant moments. There is often something that is forgotten or broken, unfortunately. Still, we want to offer you smart tips on how to make your house move as easy as possible.

Here are a few simple rules:

· When preparing for the move you need to live somehow still. You can minimize the loss of nerve cells, if you divide your home into zones “I live here,” “I pack here” and “Here I have things under the question”. Zones will constantly replace each other, but don’t allow them to do this.

· Begin the Great Gathering from the things that are not used every day. Those ones are usually located in the farthest corners of the storeroom and drawers of tables. At this stage, you’ll definitely find the first candidates for sending to the trash.


· Writing on the boxes with a marker is a useful thing, but then you have to remember: which little things? What does it mean “stuff”? It is better to glue the numbers on them and make a detailed list with the decoding.


· The screws from different places fold into bags signed with a marker.

· Different things: pens, scissors, brushes, pencils, batteries, spare parts for devices, and tubes with creams usually crawl away like ants. You can collect them in the same bags as the screws, and put the bags in some useful container.

· Take photos of everything that risks being forgotten.

· In separate, roomy backpacks pack a set of essentials. The stuff you don’t want to “lose” in the bottomless mouth of the truck, and to have with you. You can arrange it according to the list: medicines, the most important documents, the toothpaste and brush, glasses-lenses and so on. And a small supply of food and drink that can be consumed without cooking.

· When you move to a new place, the old one is felt like “strange”. You don’t want to put efforts in the cleaning or to change the light bulb. Well, it is not quite right. It is necessary to pay attention to the old dwelling – to water the flowers and to wipe the dust.


· Say goodbye to the old in a good way – and the new will respond in the same way.

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