The Most Expensive House in Hong Kong

The Most Expensive House in Hong Kong

In the most expensive house 2018 in Hong Kong, with a size of 16.3 thousand square meters, there are only four bedrooms, and the yard territory together with parking, and a swimming pool occupies only 15 acres. For sure, this house can’t be called luxurious. Still, it’s on sale for € 387.707.800! Why? Because it’s located in Victoria Peak.

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Victoria Peak is the most prestigious district of Hong Kong. There are offices of international companies and banks, many restaurants, and luxury buildings. The exclusivity of the area limits the offer of the real estate in it. The prices for real estate in Victoria Peak are truly incredible. A square meter in the vicinity of Victoria Peak costs an average of more than € 26.000. The rental market continues to amaze. According to Knight Frank, individual houses and apartments in Hong Kong are rented at a price of up to € 243.400 per month.

Well, the price of the building is more related to the land on which it is located than to the house itself. The house is quite old. A small building built in 1991 with the interior of the 90s is located at Middle Gap Street, 24, Victoria Peak, which locals simply call “peak”. Most likely, the house will be bought only because of the prestigious district of the city and demolished immediately to give birth to another one.

Here in 2012 the most expensive apartment in the city was sold for € 51.288.700. In November 2013, a house was sold there for € 56.504.500. In the same year, the 530 m² mansion on Barker Road became the property of an unknown buyer who paid € 60.764.070. Also in November 2013, the house was sold for € 83.626.660. But this is not the limit: one of the most expensive residential properties in Hong Kong is considered to be a mansion worth € 90.407.200, sold in 2011 near Victoria Peak, on Polloks-Pat Street. But this record was broken in 2016, that mansion was sold for € 195.592.500.

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