Top 6 Upcoming Condos Of Premium-class

Top 6 Upcoming Condos Of Premium-class

Lately, the buyers of luxury apartments are looking for housing that can boast eco-friendliness and first-class living amenities. Developers of luxury condos understand the importance of these vital indicators for property buyers of the extra class. That is why new luxury apartments are appearing everywhere. According to a North American luxury market report published in September 2019, these upcoming condos keep up with the latest trends in luxury home purchases.


It is located in Chicago, Illinois. 1000M promises to combine urban amenities and facilities and nature for its customers. It is estimated that construction will be completed in 2021. Residents will be able to enter through the private port of Kocher, which leads to a garage for 400 cars and high-speed elevators. There is also an 800-foot terrace (including a telescope), a winter garden, a wine room, a demonstration kitchen, and a separate dining room. Currently, the apartments are priced between €250,000 and €7,3 million.


In Raleigh, North Carolina, this developer intends to provide 45 exclusive premium-class apartments worth €381,000-0,9 million. The property owners will have the opportunity to relax in many open areas, work out in the fitness center, appreciate the bike repair service, dog washing stations, and enjoy the on-site garden.

111 Murray Street

This complex will offer apartments worth from €250,000 to 7,3 million dollars. It features a professional demonstration kitchen for romantic dinners, a pastry shop, and a 75-foot pool. Also, residents will be provided with many entertainment options just a few minutes away by elevator.


In San Francisco, California, MIRA will offer affordable luxury apartments ranging in price from €810,000 to 2,7 million. This developer made a very resonant decision to sell 40% of their apartments at below-market prices to those with a 100% average annual income.

Katy Trail Terminal

This is one of the newest complexes in Dallas, the construction of which is scheduled to be completed in 2021. It will consist of 19 apartments. Each thoughtfully designed dwelling is built as a corner unit. Also, each housing will be adapted to the individual demands of a buyer and their preferences in architecture and decor. As a final touch, the front door of each unit will be located as far as possible from the neighbors’ ones. Prices for these premium-class apartments range from €2,3 to 5,9 million dollars.


Condo Laurel Rittenhouse in Philadelphia, PA is planned to be finished in early 2022. Its amenities are designed to inspire a new level of health and well-being. Assumed communal amenities will include a swimming pool, yoga studio, and access to private aviation services.

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