Top 17 Cities To Get An Affordable Mortgage In The USA

Top 17 Cities To Get An Affordable Mortgage In The USA

In some US cities, a monthly mortgage payment may be equal to half of the average rental price or even less. Buying a property here is quite affordable. Below, there are 17 great places where mortgages cost borrowers up to €900 per month.

1. Elsmere, Delaware (€514)
It boasts an average home price of €113,000. In addition, homeowners pay property tax at a rate of only 0.666%.

2. Baker, Louisiana (€583)
Homeowners here pay the county real estate tax at a rate of 0.536% – this is the second-lowest tax rate on this list.

3. Pearl, Mississippi (€593)
The average home price in this suburb is €132,220. The property tax rate in the district is 0.641%.

4. New Haven, Indiana (€597)
The average home price here is only €126,130. On basic necessities, residents spend €15,300 per year.

5. Millbrook, Alabama (€600)
This city boasts a nice bonus – a property tax rate, which is only 0.298%.

6. El Reno, Oklahoma (€606)
The average home price in a suburb of Oklahoma City is only €126,12.

7. Lebanon, Indiana ($791)
Included in the list of the best suburbs with affordable mortgage loans and ranks third at the lowest prices for basic necessities, residents spend an average of €15,300 a year on them.

8. Socorro, Texas (€714)
The suburbs boast some of the cheapest homes in the study – an average of only €124,35 – as well as relatively low levels of violent and property crimes (1.56 and 10.4 per 1,000 inhabitants, respectively).

9. Claremore, Oklahoma (€720)
The suburb is relatively safe: it takes the fifth place in terms of crime among all the positions on the list: 1.66 incidents per 1,000 residents.

10. Cabot, Arkansas (€726)
Residents here spend an average of €15,800 a year on items not related to buying or renting housing.

11. Maryland Heights, Missouri (€757)
The average home price in Maryland Heights is only €149,000, which is well below the national average.

12. Fairfield, Ohio (€790)
In addition to affordable mortgages, residents of this suburb in Ohio, typically spend a total of €15,140 per year on non-housing costs – the second-lowest overall indicator in the study.

13. Mayfield Heights, Ohio (€827)
In addition to quality schools, Mayfield Heights has the lowest violent crime rate among all the suburbs on this list, as well as the fourth-lowest crime rate in real estate.

14. Lexington, South Carolina (€840)
People here benefit from a county property tax of 0.541%. This is the third-lowest among the best suburbs with a mortgage of less than €902 per month, which makes homeownership in the suburbs of Colombia even more attractive.

15. Altamonte Springs, Florida (€847)
The residents of all ages can plan a day trip to Walt Disney World in neighboring Orlando. Another advantage of Altamonte Springs is that the suburb offers homes at an average price of just under €180,320.

16. La Vergne, Tennessee (€857)
La Vergne’s convenient location next to Percy Priest Lake allows residents to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing and more. The average home price in La Vergne is €189,250.

17. Plum, Pennsylvania (€900)
It is perfect for those who love outdoor activities like boating, fishing, hiking, and skiing. In addition, residents here pay only €15,370 per year for essentials.

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