The Ways of Immigration to Australia

The Ways of Immigration to Australia

Every year the country attracts a lot of immigrants. Living in Australia offers an opportunity of visa-free-travel to numerous countries of the world. So how can one emigrate to this country? There are several options for it.

Professional Immigration

If a person has a profession, which is in demand in Australia, he will be able to get a working visa as a temporary resident and then stay as a permanent one. To apply for this type of visa you need to meet the following requirements: be 18-50 years old; speak English fluently; have considerable work experience; if there is your profession in a list created by local authorities; pass the test with at least 60 points.

Business Immigration

Investors, businessmen, top managers are able to apply for business immigration. Firstly, you will be given a temporary visa for four years. According to the department, the number of foreign business professionals should not exceed 37%. However, once you get this visa, it would be easier to obtain a permanent resident card.

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Family Immigration

If you have relatives in Australia, you will be able to immigrate there. Married couples (in low or civil marriage) and partners of the same sex can get a visa firstly for two years. If they continue to live together and if they answer the purpose, a resident card will be given.

  • As for the betrothed, it is a citizen of Australia who should file a request. This type of visa is given for nine months and then a person will get a resident card.
  • Parents immigration whose children live in Australia has two options: a standard one and a specific option for those who possess more money and are able to stand bail for parents.
  • Children under 18 years whose blood relatives or stepparents resident in the continent will also get a visa.

Student Visa

To move with a student visa you need to choose a university you would like to study in. Show your knowledge of English and education level. Prove that you have enough revenues for studying, living, and have a medical insurance. Then you may move as a student.

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