Sunny Pearl S.L.U.

Sunny Pearl S.L.U.

Sunny Pearl S.L.U. is a young and dynamically developing company, which operates in the real estate sector in the Kingdom of Spain. Our team is formed by professionals, who know their activities thoroughly.

Our company provides its activities only within the law, which is defined by the regulations of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain.

We position ourselves as a company with an individual focus for each client and a full range of related services.

We work with companies-developers, investment funds, banking institutions, as well as with private investors and individuals (real estate owners), which allows us to offer to our costumers a wide range of objects of various types and classes in a wide range of prices.

Sunny Pearl S.L.U. is a reliable partner and guides in the area of real estate transactions. Our collaboration with the state notarial bodies and law firms allows us to carry out operations of any complexity in the terms, which established by legislation.

The mission of our company is to realize the dreams of our customers. Because property in the “Kingdom by the Sea” is not only a defined goal in the life but a real dream.

Agencia Inmobiliaria Sunny Pearl SLU




Av. Aguilera 48, Entresuelo A, Alicante, España, CP 03006 


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