The Highest Skyscraper is in the small Danish City

The Highest Skyscraper is in the small Danish City

In the tiny Danish town of Brande with a population of 7,000 inhabitants, it is planned to build the tallest building in Europe. This is not the first skyscraper in the countryside – in 1991, right in the middle of the fields in the Japanese city of Kaminoyama, the 41-story Sky Tower 41 was erected.

The idea of ​​construction of the Danish skyscraper belongs to the fast-fashion giant Bestseller. Its owner, Anders Zach, is the richest man in Denmark. The company, which owns such brands as Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, Only, Selected, and Vila, plans to place its headquarters in a skyscraper.

It is assumed that the height of the building will be 320 meters. This is 10.4 meters above the London Shard. Over the project of the skyscraper worked architectural studio Dorte Mandrup. The construction of the skyscraper has already been agreed with the local authorities. The skyscraper will house the hotel, offices, conference rooms, and shops. Around the tower, several more small buildings will be built.

The permission to build a skyscraper was received in March, and it is planned to complete its construction in 2023. Then the 310-meter London Tower Shard will give the leadership in the ranking of the tallest buildings in Western Europe to the new skyscraper.

The Shard is currently the tallest building in Western Europe. However, it is far from having the record of 462-meter “Lakhta Center” in St. Petersburg. The “Lakhta Center” Skyscraper was built in 2018. It is the tallest European building for now.

Pros and Cons

It is also reported that the building will be visible from at a distance of 60 kilometers. “This will be the benchmark which will put Brande on the map,” said a spokesman for Bestseller. Locals support the idea of ​​building a skyscraper. “It’s hard to find someone against. Everyone thinks that this is a fantastic idea,” said local media.

In the meantime, some are already comparing the future skyscraper with the tower of Sauron from “The Lord of the Rings”. This is the Danish satirical publication Rokokoposten and it suggests placing a burning eye on top.

Danish architect Trine Kammer argues that the media refuse to publish her critical review of the building. According to her, people in Brande are not used to arguing with Bestseller and treat the company with reverence. Kammer is confident that the tower will destroy the chamber of the town and its pristine landscape.


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