The countries with the best weather and climate

The countries with the best weather and climate

When it comes to which climate is most favorable for a person, many factors come into play that needs to be taken into account. In this article, we list the countries in which climatic conditions are most favorable for human life.


When it comes to what kind of climate is most favorable for a person, many factors come into effect that needs to be taken into account. It is obvious that those who live in the north and are accustomed to the climatic conditions characteristic of the northern countries will not feel as comfortable in, say, the south, and vice versa.

Someone likes snow and rain, someone prefers heat and low humidity. It is difficult to determine which climatic conditions are “ideal” for human life. Much comes down to personal experience and preferences. Nevertheless, if one draws a line and summarizes it, the most favorable climate for life is considered to be a temperate and Mediterranean climate, with moderate average air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc.

In this article we provide a list of countries with the best climate for human life:


Greece has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild, but humid winters. In the northern part of Greece, especially in the mountainous terrain, colds often come, snow falls. The local climate and sea iodized air are recommended for children with weak immunity, as well as for preventive, therapeutic and recreational purposes. According to statistics, one of the reasons why people decide to move to live in Greece is the country’s special climatic conditions and healthy environmental conditions.


With its Mediterranean and steppe climate, Portugal is considered one of the warmest countries in Europe. More than 3200 hours of sunny weather are charged in a year, and the temperature in some areas reaches 45C. Such a significant number of sunny days per year favorably affects the mood of the local population, and stress goes into the background. Portugal is a very safe country with a steady pace of life. The absence of strong changes in temperature and an excellent climate is very comfortable for life in both summer and winter, and the ocean and pine forests have a positive effect on the health of children and the older generation.


In Spain, the Mediterranean climate also prevails, although in comparison with other countries the difference between the air temperature in summer and in winter will be very different. In the south-east of the country, the air is drier and there are practically no periods of wet weather. Spain – the leader among the countries of Europe in life expectancy. Largely due to the excellent climate and quality of life, as well as the health care system, which is rightfully considered one of the best in the world. According to WHO, Spain ranks 4th in Europe and 7th in the world in terms of medicine. Here, technologies, equipment of clinics and professionalism of medical staff are taken into account.


In Italy, there are different climatic zones. Along the coast, there is a pronounced Mediterranean climate, while in the north and in the central part of the country one can feel the entire charm of the continental climate. In mountainous terrain, winters can be quite harsh with heavy snowfalls, but summer will be very hot. On the coast of the country, winters are moderate, and summers are dry and hot. Therefore, if you choose Italy as your new home, then you have a choice of what kind of climate and what kind of weather you prefer.

New Zealand

Due to its geographic location in the southern hemisphere (near Australia), a temperate maritime climate prevails in New Zealand. In Auckland, the country’s largest city, more than 2,000 hours of sunshine can be observed each year. Despite the small size of the country, the climate in different regions of the country can differ dramatically. In the north, the weather is predominantly warm and humid, and gradually moving to the south the climatic zone develops into temperate.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is only a few degrees above the equator, so throughout the year, a tropical climate prevails here with heavy rains and hot weather. The summer rainy season coincides with the Atlantic hurricane season.

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