Efestio – Our story

Efestio – Our story
It all begun with a simple premise: Everything about real estate, anywhere…to begin with.
There are a lot of websites, portals etc that have real estate but they are usually restricted to specific countries (more often than not, only to one country). Also, most of these websites act as an advertising platform, providing only the listing and not much else. This creates a gap in real estate service supply.. And here is where we come in.
What do we have to offer? Well, we created a platform where anyone, from any place on Earth, can publish his listing in under 7 minutes (our users now average 4 minutes per listing) and have it advertised to househunters both domestic and overseas. That is one one part of the story. The other one is “service providers”. You see, there are 2 kinds of products on our platform:
  1. Real estate
  2. Real estate service providers
We tried to analyze the whole proccess from the point of view of the househunter. This pointed out the issue of the service providers. Choosing the house of your dreams is 50% of the proccess. The remaining 50% is anything from legal support during the purchase to after sale services such as restorations, bill management, rent management etc. As a result, we will offer the oppurtunity to any such service provider to advertise on our platform along side the real estate. Such an approach is especially designed for househunters that purchase properties overseas.

Location, location, location

Everything in efestio.com is about location. The real estate, the service providers, the places, you name it! Since the beggining of our platform, one thing was clear: Location is everything! When someone creates a listing, the system will do it’s best to find any relevant information about the area where the property is located. Using resourses from Google and Wikipedia, we are able to provide to any user as much information as possible about the property’s location. Using live map search, intuitive evaluation algorithms and simple-modern design, we are confident that you will get the full picture about what you are looking for.

Fair play

For the time being, there is no paid subscription on efestio.com. This means that any “Premium” listing is featured automatically, based on extensive criteria. A special ranking algorithm evaluates the listing and makes it premium. The user that will provide quality information will be rewarded. The same goes with our premium places. The popular places are ranked higher than the rest.


To make a long story short, this platform is designed both for the house owner (or real estate agent) and for the househunter. The entire real estate experience is concentrated around one thing, location, location, location.
It’s as simple as that…

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