New residence permits fees that may affect you in Sweden

New residence permits fees that may affect you in Sweden

The Swedish government has introduced new fees for those who seek the chance to work and reside in Sweden. The new changes have been applied for the first time in a decade. And, now a few segments of the population should spend double to the amount they used to pay before. Who must concern?

If you are a student, worker, new visa applicant or a long-term resident, prepare to cope with the fee rise of €48 or €95. The factors determining the final cost will depend on a few factors such as the age of the applicant and type of permit. The resolution will come into action on January 1st. However, it will not affect those people who have already submitted their applications or those who have applied before 2020. If you managed to proceed with it earlier, you are lucky to save some money.

The biggest fees are expected for workers who apply for renewing their permits within one industry or the same occupation. They will need to pay about €190 instead of €95.

Students who would like to pursue their studying in Sweden should be ready to face the fees rise from €95 to €143. Previously, they could apply only for a residence permit up to 6 months, with new rules they may stay for up to one year to find a job after completing their courses. And, adults who relocate to someone will pay around €190 KR.

The last year, the government has also introduced some new permit categories that, in turn, prolong the duration of legal stay but make people bound to extra charges. Nevertheless, good news for those who were exempt from fees, they are still eligible to avoid these charges.

Here is a list of some fee changes coming into force in 2020:

Entry Visa – €80.
Family members of applicants or holders of work permit – €143 for adults, €71 – children.
Fees for certain professions:
Au-pair – €143;
Volunteer – €143;
Performer – €143;
Graduates who look for a job – €143;
Holiday VISA for work – €143;
Athlete – €143;
Researcher – €143.

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