Australian government works on investors Visas

Australian government works on investors Visas

Australian Home Affairs Agency has launched a public briefing concerning the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) to overview overall immigration processes. Such an initiative is aimed to discover additional opportunities to yield the fruits from the investment immigration visas. In particular, it will find out whether it is possible to maximize the value it brings and whether the program itself can boost the level of people’s living and the Australian economy.

A questionnaire includes a few matters helping to understand the bonuses of this program:

  • What are the ways to boost the minimum requirements for investments in the Australian economy? Can they affect the outcome and bring more profit to the economy?
  • Are there already working strategies for the government to achieve the most for the economy through establishing particular minimal limits of investment for various visas?
  • Is the BIIP program considered to be a helpful way to make investment programs more efficient toward boosting the benefits for Australia?
  • How to adapt the point test to get the best out of the prospective investments?
  • How incentives may encourage prospective applicants for an investment program to run their business in regions of Australia?
  • What changes to apply for introducing any amendments?

Visas for investors have their limitations toward thresholds. For example, applications to the BIIP are limited up to 6,8K annually. However, according to the DHA (Department of Home Affairs), the higher cost can be introduced in the meantime. The agency noticed that investing behavior and the paying capacity of applicants allow a government to increase the current requirements. Thus, such a raise is truly the possible way of maximizing the benefits of this program and improving the economy level of the country.

As of now, BIIP encompasses 9 visa categories, for instance, such as designated for entrepreneurs, business holders, and investor applicants or residents. But, this framework often attracts other applicants who slightly eligible for the program, and the DHA fears that a program may somehow be less attractive in the future to prospective investors.

Currently, the agency waits for more propositions and suggestions on how to avoid obstacles in attracting investors and to increase the profit. Besides, all the proposals on enhancing the point test, in particular, the one concerning investment in regions of the country are most welcome.

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