Mistakes in Landscape Gardening

Mistakes in Landscape Gardening

Mistakes in landscape gardening are not as dangerous as in the construction or repairing, but even they may change the mood for the worse. In addition, it requires additional spending if you have to restore gardens and flower beds again and again.

Flower beds, trees, and shrubs vegetation do not let you pass:

  • Even before the stage of planting the garden and flowers, think over all possible routes from where and where you will go, where the recreation area and outbuildings will be situated.
  • Leave the shortest route between these objects; 

The shadow does not Iappear where you expectedncorrectly placed trees and buildings often shade part of the plot. If the tree has already grown, and a summerhouse is built, the only way is to plant herbs which like a shadow. Therefore, it is better to think in advance how the shadow will fall. Put a garden plan in front of you, point North and South, and then put a small object on the Southside. It will be a schematic sun. Now draw a straight line from it, for example, to the edges of the gazebo, and see what size the shadow will be from it at different times of the day.

  • Plants wither and do not take root

It is certain that you have planted a plant where you want but not it. Take into account the composition of the soil and the requirements for lighting and humidity, follow the rules of care, and then the garden will look exactly as it was conceived by the landscape designer. 

  • All flowers bloom and droop at the same time

While making out each specific flower bed, make a schedule of when and what flower will bloom, how long the flowering phase will last and how the plant will look after. For example, primroses, tulips, gladiolus, and irises are not recommended to plant on their own, because after flowering the flowerbed literally disappears.

Take a look in advance to see how the foliage of the plant looks like. Most of the time you will enjoy it and not flowers. Choose shrubs that change the color of the leaves in the autumn, they will give the garden brightness when all the flowers will stop blooming.

  • The lawn grows by fits and start, there are spots on it.

This error occurs if the soil is initially unevenly treated. Apply fertilizer, prong, ventilate and water the plot.

You should carefully align the area that did not appear waterlogged and dry areas.


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