Lightning Rod. Extravagance or Necessity?

Lightning Rod. Extravagance or Necessity?

The security of private homes is mainly focused on preventing robbery. However, there is also the risk of property damage by natural disasters, including lightning. The power of the electric voltage during the change of temperature and atmospheric pressure can reach one million volts. By passing the atmospheric layers, the tension is shown in the form of a thunderstorm, which is mostly observed in spring and autumn.

In fact, this is a short electric discharge, which has a high power. In addition, the lightning strikes are accompanied by electromagnetic waves. The consequence of the cataclysm is not only a fire but also human victims. The most dangerous are direct strikes to buildings, trees, power lines or people.

When a lightning strike hits a high-voltage power line, a current discharge passes through the cable. Then it goes down and affects areas with weak insulation protection – probably the passage of current to household electrical appliances that are connected to electricity mains. Electricity points with switches are the most exposed to danger.

If lightning strikes a high-voltage power line, then a huge current passes through its wires. It rushes to the ground in places with weakened insulation, mainly to home electrical appliances which are connected to the electricity. Most often, the discharge affects the sockets, switches or fuse panels of the power supply. Therefore, the lightning rod in the house is necessary. Think about it in advance.

Overvoltage may occur between a building and a tree, which is dangerous for humans, not to mention the risk of fire. Accordingly, in regions where thunderstorms are frequent, lightning protection should be provided.

Factor Increasing the Risk

Houses with flammable roofs, high buildings, detached structures are the least in a risky group in terms of lightning. The probability of a lightning strike increases if the building is located on a hill or in a climatic zone, predisposed to the occurrence of this kind of cataclysms.

Lightning protection

Nowadays, special rules for the installation and operation of lightning rods have been developed. The specific technical device may be selected based on the following parameters – the average annual frequency of thunderstorms, type of construction and location of the object.

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