Hotels for Horses – Unique Projects

Hotels for Horses – Unique Projects
Today, services for animals do not almost differ from service to people. A lot of cities are building special resorts for animals, where they may not only eat and sleep but also walk and train.

For example, there is a five-star hotel for thoroughbred horses, working on the system “all inclusive” in the Turkish area of Altinova, on the coast of the sea of Marmara, 150 kilometers from Istanbul.

This unusual hotel has a special program designed for animals who were injured during the competition. The program involves effective types of relaxation and training so that the hotel is constantly filled at 100%.

Horses from New Zealand, Australia, and Spain are brought here to improve their health and prepare for the upcoming races. Similar hotels began to appear in many other cities of the world, where horses are also prepared for races and tournaments.

Another was built to facilitate a long way to Brazil, it was decided to build a hotel for horses near the Belgian airport in Liège. It accommodates up to 60 horses of athletes from Europe, who may rest there after the road and acclimatize in a quiet environment before flying overseas. The hotel includes chic stables with all possible amenities.

Royal Horse hotel accepts not only horses but also cats and dogs. This is the place where you can leave your pet for the time of your absence.  Comfort for animals and the safety of the hotel are the crucial factors. At any time you can call the hotel and it will provide you with all the necessary information about your four-legged friend. During a personal visit, one may make sure about the cleanliness and regularity of disinfection. The hotel is located in Bulgaria, in an ecologically clean area. It is a quiet place away from the noise and large flow of cars.

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