Jean-Pierre HEIM & Carolyn HEIM – Company Profile

Jean-Pierre HEIM & Carolyn HEIM – Company Profile
Jean-Pierre HEIM


Jean-Pierre HEIM is an internationally acclaimed architect with a diverse and engaging portfolio.

Among a wide variety of innovative projects, Mr. HEIM has created HYH, a unique restaurant and boutique brand based in Shanghai and Chongming, China. In the Caribbean region, over St. Marteen and Santo Domingo, Mr. HEIM has worked on the development of tropical resorts and hotels. And recently, he has created the innovative design concept behind the Delos Archeological Resort in Greece.

His ability to renovate villages integrating artistic and agricultural concepts under the architect’s new label: “TRAVELLING IS AN ART”, with the perfect example being portrayed for an Eco-Village, a project based in Bishan, near Chongqing, China. This eco-artistic and agricultural village is a global study on integral farm living that showcases a fresh approach on hospitality design paired with contemporary advanced technology. Indeed, the project represents the starting point for the ideology behind the modern Silk Road , and “One Belt One Road” Ideology Chinese governmental program.

Following the success of the Sasseur concept Eco –Village in Chongming , Mr. Jean Pierre HEIM is working on the most important shopping center multi event Center ever to be built in China , a project that will be replicated in ten major cities across China with a development of 5o major Shopping mall in the next 5 years.. This concept aims to connect the past and the future without neglecting the present .he is at present design this new futuristic concept in Kunming in Yunam , in Shanghai in Hunan and In Chongqing .

Mr. HEIM has worked within internationally renowned clients such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Revillon, Baccarat, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin ,Lancel , Puiforcat and Club Med. Over a glittering career ,Mr. HEIM has designed world-famous venues such as the Capitol Music Theater in Frankfurt Offenbach, the Luxor Palace in Dresden and the Brasserie La Lorraine in Paris ,

along with luxury resorts and entertainment centers, such as the Coral Beach Club in St. Maarten, luxury villas in Greece, the Gu Resort in Pagan, Myanmar, and Las Velas Resort in Luperon, Dominican Republic, to name just a few.

Jean -Pierre HEIM has completed the Shanghai Yacht Club the Band is building now the Beijing Yacht Club, as well as on other concepts for yacht clubs set by rivers and lakes across China.

In addition to his work as an architect, Mr. HEIM is also a French foreign trade advisor with in-depth knowledge of international markets, able to act as a liaison between American, Chinese and European businesses seeking to operate on both sides of the Atlantic, and China.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. HEIM is a Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite. He has acted as the architectural scenographer for “Best of France”, a vast trade show held in New York City’s Times Square on September 26-27, 2015.Mr. HEIM is also the co-president, co-founder and scenographer of “The French Will Never Forget“, a committee that cherishes and values the friendship between France and the United States of America.

Jean Pierre HEIM is in Partnership in Paris with his daughter.



Carolyn HEIM

Carolyn HEIM is a graduate with a master’s degree in architecture froml’École Spéciale d’Architecturein Paris.She has also attended l’École des Arts Decoratifs preliminary school of design, and is registered as an HMO architect in France.








Discover their amazing work here: www.HEIMdesign.com

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