Interview with Renowed Architect Jean Pierre Heim

Interview with Renowed Architect Jean Pierre Heim

What would you say is the influence of a country’s history on an architect?

Architecture and History are all the time in symbiosis. It is not possible to separate them. We should first say History and then Architecture. History has given to history a chronology. From archeology in the ancient time we have seen some resemblance through civilization. From the Inca the Aztecs from the Egyptian to the Greeks and the Romans from India to the Chinese we travel in time but through constant. The stone is the first elements and equal in all civilizations. Then the SKY and the Universe which have given through astronomy a real constant in shapes, Circle Triangle and square. History has made the rest. Styles, kingdoms, revolutions, politics…. We can see through history evolutions of styles through distinctive personalities and tendencies through time .

Which industry trends, would you say, are more prelevant for the past decade?

Computer and 3 D programs have changed the architecture design World , and construction. We are seeing now new trends and amazing changes through computer high tech and new material. The architectural landscape has changed mute to a different global World, forms appears , there will be no more building in the future without sustainable adequacy for saving energy. Solar energy , wind energy , water savings , recycling material are the new Leitmotif in urban design and architecture. The climate is the response to the innovation of the construction material. Glass , metal , wood , stone, and wind these five elements will still be through their change in industrialization the main component s of architecture.

Most wild project in your life

Wild ? you question is Wild?

You mean Word international Leading Design ?

Yes in that synonymous yes all my projects are WILD.

like :World and the Universe is festinating , I love archeology ,and pre historical architecture because of it genius spontaneous creative ideas of building a shelter, I love Stone Edge architecture , Menhirs , Totem all kind of Symbols are the fundamental of my design..Symbolism and organic design , Raw natural material, Integration to the local Geography , climate and culture… This aspect of design is wild.

like International yes because I am an International architect and design I work on 4 continents and I have practice In New York Paris Mykonos and Shanghai. Multicultural and globe trotter as laboratory of research for design. I have work around the world in more than 20 countries mostly in beautiful environment s and landscape such as presently in Cuba , Dominican Repulbic, Hunan Sechuan Yunan in China , Myanmar , Morocco Senegal ,Exploring now and ever Egypt , Thailand and building a new brand of Shopping Mall in China all along the Silk Road . All these project under one name Brand “Travelling is an Art” .

like leading because I like innovation I like to transform culture into super culture to transform indigenous materials into modern form and to use recycling or local material into contemporary design shape through modern technology I design with technology creating new form with existing material in China , in the Mediterranee, in the Carrabean . I love using Energy and more than anything sustainable energy.

like design : design is part of architecture it is also Delta and the delta is the triangle source in Energy for instance in Delos.

The project of the Delos Museum which I did with my daughter architect Carolyn is assembling all my symbolic and organic and historical mythology .I consider this project as a donation as a spiritual gift to this Island which is a patrimony of Humanity that remains still undiscovered.

What does the future hold for you?

My life is a journey , and my slogan is “ Travelling is an Art” I would like to continue creating and sharing my experience through many new projects With my family , my friends all along new project on Earth.


We at efestio.com would like to thank Jean Pierre Heim for dedicating time for this interview. You can view all of Jean Pierre’s masterpieces at www.HEIMdesign.com



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