Interior Design Trends 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

In 2020, the trend that has only been outlined in the previous few years will reach its fullness: the interior design gravitates not just to comfort, but to home warmth and coziness. The huge empty spaces of studio apartments and lofts with deliberately bare communications and unplastered walls are no longer in fashion.

Decoration Materials

At the peak of popularity remains eco-style with its expensive natural materials. Natural wood is used not only for the manufacture of furniture, but also for the decoration of windows, walls, and floors. Manufacturers who catch the trend produce laminate and tile imitating a wooden surface. Indoor plants are more relevant than ever in the wake of the eco-style: they are planted in outdoor tubs and placed not only near windows.

Wallpapers with a large floral pattern or ornament and gradient color transitions will be increasingly popular.

Styles and Colors

Minimalism and hi-tech will get a second wind thanks to natural finishing materials, floral prints, cozy textiles, and fashion for indoor plants. Rustic and eco-style will prevail in large cities, and the spirit of rural national style will settle in country houses. The interior will be dominated by pastel, beige, and olive shades. Complementary and accent colors will become quite bright and saturated, but, at the same time, natural.

White and gray tones of the Art Nouveau interior will dilute the shade of a dusty rose in textiles, panels on the walls or curtains. The undoubted trend will be natural shades of green in the upholstered furniture and textiles in contrast with a white background.


A large lonely chandelier in the center of the room is not honored today: it does not provide sufficient lighting for the corners of the room. In 2020, the lighting will become a full and very important element of space decoration. The lighting of the perimeter of ceilings, decorative illumination of niches and paintings, illumination from the inside of the frosted glass facades of the kitchen, and many other options will be used to the maximum by designers next year.

Furniture and Decor

Simple shapes and natural wood are the two statements on which the 2020 interior is based. Modular constructions and transforming furniture will not go out of fashion. The armrests will disappear at the sofas and, in general, the design of upholstered furniture will become more concise.

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