Greece for the Elderly

Greece for the Elderly

Moving abroad for retirement has not yet become a common practice for Russians and citizens of other European countries. However, many elderly from Europe have sufficient financial opportunities to move abroad, especially if they take into account the difference in the value of the property. Because of the lack of information, many pensioners do not even suspect how to use their funds and opportunities for a comfortable stay in areas with a mild climate.

There is a program regulated by the Greek government, that help to obtain a 5-year residence permit for foreigners, who bought a property in Greece in the amount of 250 thousand Euros or more. Thanks to it, the owner of the property gets a long-term residential permit, both in Greece and in Europe. Therefore, by buying a property in Greece, one provides his family with the most long-term residence permit in Europe.

Greece has a mild climate, almost no winter and local citizens are very friendly. The elderly will enjoy the healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, they do not need to know the language perfectly, because the pensioner is going to have a rest and not work. In Greece, many citizens, especially the population of certain resort areas speak Russian, and the Diaspora of the Russian population in large cities is growing every year. As for medical care, the insurance is being issued for this purpose, which costs about 340-600 euros per year.

Definitely, the attitude to the elders in Greece is respectful, regardless of their nationality. Nowadays, the cost of real estate in this country is quite attractive for all types of investments. Utilities and other maintenance services are cheap. Prices for goods and services are also very affordable.

Greece is a country with a rich history and great resorts. Clean sea air and areas surrounded by olive trees will not leave anyone indifferent. Many pensioners move to Greece and start a new life there. One may find a lot of fun –  from visiting a museum to tasting wine. In addition, this country has beautiful beaches and ski resorts.

Despite the fact that the economic crisis is still severe, Greece guarantees a relaxed life for those who have already earned their money. The democratic country has become a very bright one, with excellent weather, affordable health care, and low crime rate. In addition, taking advantage of the crisis situation in Greece, you may make a successful investment and purchase a house or apartment on favorable terms.

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