Good News for Young People in Japan

Good News for Young People in Japan

As part of a social program launched in late November to reduce the number of abandoned dwellings, local administrations are planning to attract young people to purchase them. One of the ways to achieve this goal, they made home prices lower than the market ones.

It is noted that some dwellings can be purchased at an amount of about 4,000 dollars, for some the price is simply not installed. By living a sufficient amount of time in previously not populated houses, they can become the full-fledged property of new tenants. It is possible also to rent a house with monthly payments of ridiculous 45 dollars. To purchase a home you must be a citizen of Japan or have a work visa in the country and be employed in Japan.

It is reported that now in Japan there are over 8 million abandoned houses. According to experts, if the growth in the number of vacant housing continues, by 2033 the number of abandoned houses in Japan will increase up to 20 million.

What are the Reasons for Dwellings being Abandoned?

One of the reasons for this phenomenon is called the demographic situation in Japan. The rapidly aging population can no longer live in their own apartments and moves into nursing homes or dies, while their property remains unowned.

In Japan, it is considered that a new tenant cannot be found in the house of happiness if his previous owner committed suicide from loneliness. According to local beliefs, this may bring failure to the new owner.

At the same time, in large cities such as Tokyo, there is an acute shortage of living space. About 70 percent of the population of the capital huddle in tiny apartments, but people do not even think of leaving the metropolis, because for them it is more important to stay at work.

The authorized officials hope that the creative program will find a response from the young people and correct the unfavorable situation that has developed to date.

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