Breath-taking Loft Interior Design

Breath-taking Loft Interior Design

To create the Loft interior does not require large financial costs. Here the principle “the simpler the better” works. It is enough to plaster walls and create an imitation of brickwork, scrape the floor and paint the old wooden windows. There are only a few limitations: you should not make out in this style a children’s room, hallway, kitchen or bathroom. Best of all, this design will look in the living room. And the most winning option it will be for spacious studios.

Free Layout

Open space, high ceilings, and large windows are the main advantages of lofts. It fills the room with air and light. Lofts use a minimum of partitions and divide the space with multi-level floors, bar counters, shelves or sofas. Separate zones can be highlighted in bright colors by painting the walls in them.

Bricks in the Finish

The basis of the interior in the style of Loft are bricks, concrete, or wooden wall without finishing. Rarely in this quality, it is used the ceiling. If the bearing walls in the apartment are made of bricks, you can bare the masonry, then the unique texture and color of the bricks will be an ideal background for the interior. If you are not planning a large-scale rework, you can create n imitation of brickwork with a special tile. Typically, the interior uses a traditional terracotta shade, but for modern interpretation, you can choose a laying of white or black brick.

Combination of the Incompatible

The key elements of the style are industrial details: ceilings and beams, metal supports, stairs, old batteries. The Loft-style interior does not require expensive furniture. It should be simple and comfortable: an old leather sofa, a grandmother’s dresser, and a metal bed. The main rule – do not arrange furniture close to the walls, because the interior of the loft implies a free layout and open space. The old carved chest of drawers can be combined with plastic furniture and crystal lamps with modern appliances. Perfectly fit this style hammock or swing, suspended from the ceiling and ladders instead of racks.

Bright Accents

Be sure to allocate space in the interior for art objects. Pictures and posters pin-ups are better placed on the windowsill or directly on the floor. A vintage radio or retro fridge will brilliantly blend in the interior design. The main principle is that accessories must be non-standard. The wall can be decorated with graffiti.

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