Damlex Realty – Company Profile

Damlex Realty – Company Profile

In Damlex Realty we have been offering since 2004 the opportunity to find the ideal home in Spain for foreign customers, mostly from Russia, the Arab Emirates and many other Eastern European countries.Undoubtedly, all this time has served us to know perfectly the tastes and mentality of those who, when it comes to reside and invest in housing, only seek luxury, comfort and tranquility.

This is the main reason why, little by little, we have been making a really broad and varied client base of properties. However, we prefer to focus on medium and high range homes that are close to the sea and in areas of privileged location both for its communications, its services, its leisure offer and its landscapes.Therefore, we are firmly committed to the real estate market on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and, in particular, to enclaves such as Barcelona, Maresme Coast, Costa Brava, la Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.


General Director and founder

We have not come by chance to be a reference real estate within the luxury sector and the favorite of the high-standing public from Russia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. That’s because from the moment we started operating, we have tried to establish a link with our customers with the purpose of providing the most attentive, close and quality service possible.

The first thing we do, when someone is interested in our services to buy a home, is to interview him to know exactly what he needs and the place where he wants to buy his new residence. If it can be, we try to do it personally. If not, we maintain contact every day through email or phone.In this way, we managed to establish a bond of trust thanks to which all the work is carried out in a more harmonious way. In addition, satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have a large team of specialized commercial advisors in each area where we work. In fact, due to their experience and good work, they know them in great detail, which allows them to advise clients in the way they need it and end up finding,sooner than later, that house that meets all the requirements that, during the contacts maintained, have specified us.

In fact, one of the aspects most appreciated by those who trust us is that, by the time they arrive in Spain, we have ‘closed the circle’,that is, we have worked on the information that has contributed to us and we have drawn up a list of the houses that fit in it so that you only have to choose which one is most interesting to you.In this way, we both win. And, on the one hand, they save having to travel the Spanish Mediterranean coast in search of their ideal residence and, on the other hand, we get the operation done quickly and efficiently.

This exquisite treatment is also applicable to all those who, with the purpose of selling their home, come to us. And, from the first moment, we are realistic and we advise them about the possibilities of sale and the price they can obtain through it.In addition, from the first to the last minute, we maintain contact with them and advise them on everything they need.



Commercial director and founder

When we select a property in Damlex Realty and include it in our client portfolio, we do so knowing that there is an audience for it and that meets the expectations of our customers. In this sense, due to the variety of tastes they have, we do not close any doors.

This is the reason why, at this time, it is possible to find, within our catalog, single-family houses, chalets, townhouse, mansions and even plots of land to build. Of course, always starting from the basis that the views of the sea and the proximity to the beach are essential requirements.

On the other hand, we also work with commercial properties, which allows us to satisfy the demands of that part of our public that requests investment options with guaranteed profitability in a rising real estate market such as the Mediterranean areas in which we operate.In this sense, we have apartment buildings, commercial premises, hotels, restaurants, service stations and a long etcetera.

In summary, Damlex Realty has managed to occupy a privileged place in the luxury real estate market on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Undoubtedly, the variety of properties that make up our catalog, the exquisite treatment that we profess to customers and sellers and the agility with which we manage the acquisition are the main keys to our success.

Telephone: (+34) 935 434 367
Address: Pau Claris, 139, 1-1B, 08009 Barcelona

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