By buying a villa in Dubai, two luxury cars and a motorcycle are given to you as a gift

By buying a villa in Dubai, two luxury cars and a motorcycle are given to you as a gift

The coronavirus has crippled all fields of the economy and even affected the premium real estate industry. The journal Mansion Global revealed that the next owner of a luxury mansion in Dubai will receive two cars and a motorcycle as a gift. Such a generous offer came from the owner of the house, Michael Alibhai, who has been creating his dream home for six years.

How much will you have to pay

Michael Alibhai decided to sell his property in the UAE and move to Sweden, where his entire family lives. The mansion in Dubai was built to impress guests and present the wealth of the owner, who works for a concern that produces clothes for famous brands.

The house has three kitchens and three home theaters, with a total area of ​​1300 square meters. However, the highlight is not the size, but how the comfort in the mansion is thought out in detail. The owner can use the champagne storage, sit in the vodka bar, and admire the candy wall. The furnishings are matched to the exterior composition – furniture from Fendi and interior items from Bentley and Minotti create a unique style of decoration. The house also features a spa, fitness center, designer-style glass-tiled pool and rooftop Jacuzzi.

The mansion is estimated at $ 32.67 million, so you will have to pay a big sum for such a pleasure. However, as an interesting advertising move, the current owner will give as a gift to the buyer Rolls Royce and Ferrari cars, a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a life-size figure from the movie “Transformers”.

Interesting trends in the real estate market

Recently, the UAE economy has been hit not only by the pandemic, but also by the low oil price. Do not forget about the political strife that breaks out from time to time in the Middle East. The combination of all these factors has led to the fact that luxury real estate has become cheaper, and statistics show a decrease of 11% in the second quarter of this year compared to last year.

However, some experts predict the opposite effect of the pandemic, which led to the fact that in June property prices rose by 60% at once. The fact is that the pandemic forced many wealthy residents of the UAE to rethink their own way of life, and they began to exibit their own properties for sale more and more often.

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