Airbnb: the Average Costs in Every European Country

Airbnb: the Average Costs in Every European Country

Airbnb is a famous and dependable online platform. It helps thousands of users when they wish to go traveling. If you need to find a bed for a few nights or want to find out the best hotel to stay in, turn for help to Airbnb. It hosts lists of a great variety of hotels and motels to live in. The platform covers different countries of the world. Therefore, you have all chances to spot what you require. Besides, it is very comfortable. This is similar to an ordering at the real hotel. The only difference is that you fulfil all orders from your home whenever you wish.

It is always important to know where you will dwell during your trip. There are lots of things to consider. Even the slightest detail may spoil the whole vacation. Accordingly, one should know for sure where he/she goes and what to count on. A research carried out by Airbnb during February 2017 sheds more light on the necessary details. It contains the price policies of the most and least expensive countries in Europe. Some outcomes may really surprise you.

A special application called Vouchercloud defined the average pricing of Airbnb list in every European country. The sum was accounted for one, two and six people. The most expensive country is Iceland – £112. This is really surprising how this small country with so small population become such expensive. The second place is embraced by Sweden (£82). The third is taken by even smaller country Andorra (£79). The cheapest countries in the hotel industry are Macedonia (£26) and Albania (£27). Moldova and Kosovo embrace the third position with £28.

As you can see, the prices range from £112 to £26 per night at a hotel. Accordingly, this provides travelers with various options. It is possible to pick up the most suitable variant. Iceland and Andorra took many by surprise. Nevertheless, most predictions came true. The Western, Northern and most part of the Central Europe are pretty expensive. However, one night in Germany or Portugal will take about £45. This is actually cheap. It should be added that tourists adore visiting those countries. They are attractive and the prices are quite affordable.

The research likewise took into account the best travel destinations for the couples and groups out of six persons. The results revealed that couples should better go to Greece, Switzerland and Germany. If you are in a company of many folks, you may try Andorra, Liechtenstein and Georgia. Even though Andorra is expensive for one person, it’s affordable for big companies. You should take into account such variables too.

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