Abu Dhabi Pixel Complex to Be Constructed Soon

Abu Dhabi Pixel Complex to Be Constructed Soon

Abu Dhabi government has finally settled all the documentation needed to construct a brand-new number of apartments. A pixel tower’s construction has already started.

About Pixel Complex

MVRVD, a Dutch company developed a new residential complex that will encompass around 525 apartments. Pixel buildings will serve as private houses, offices, shops, and food courts with multiple cafes and restaurants. Besides, anyone will have the opportunity to visit there a medical center, swimming pool, gym, and designated children’s areas.

The project is located on 85,000 square meters area and considered to be a pool of creative ideas due to its futuristic pixel design. The location is launched on Reem island. The construction company already discussed the possible names for the project. And according to the latest negotiations it will be named Maker’s District. Along with Dutch constructors, UAE developer Imkan appointed CNTC Chinese construction company as the main builder.

image © MVRDV (main image © IMKAN)

Infrastructure & design

As of now, there are few features revealed to impress future buyers, the main ones are the courtyard and seven-pixel towers along with a laconic facade design. Besides, all the balconies will be constructed with pearl-coated lattice screens and the same decoration will be found in the pavilions of the courtyard.

While the whole facade will boast its minimalistic and restrained design and the interiors inside the apartments are in ceramic-lined decoration. Such ideas are dictated to attract the possible residents to spend their spare time on the street and nearby area.

Potential buyers can find all the facilities for their needs, so wasting time on visiting big supermarkets or Dubai to look for goods will be an unnecessary affair. The name of upcoming shops and restaurants are still undercover but they will not differ much from the Dubai Mall shopping center. Also, the developers promised to make a separate 50 square meter area designated for entrepreneurs’ offices for startup ideas.

Moreover, the location will allow residents to visit the newly constructed Louvre Abu-Dhabi and other cultural sightseeings near Saadiyat Island.

image © MVRDV (main image © IMKAN)

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