5 Smart Tips To Improve A Rental Without Extra Costs

5 Smart Tips To Improve A Rental Without Extra Costs

How to make a rental apartment cozy if a landlord doesn’t permit make repairs? How to turn someone else’s house into a comfortable one, which you will be pleased to return to, without extra expenses? If you make a little effort, it’s easy to change the atmosphere and bring it closer to “home” with the help of decoration.

5 Simple and Easy Hacks For A Rental

Always bring your own textiles with you

The easiest and most proven way to change the situation is textiles. Such an undertaking is unlikely to be expensive. But to create an individual modern style in the room is easier with the help of curtains, bedspreads, rugs, chair covers, etc. Moreover, they are easy to transport, in case of an apartment change.

Light will make the room familiar

As a rule, old rental rooms always have one central chandelier. A good way to transform your surroundings is to add extra light sources. The lamps and floor lamps should be with the clamps. So, with their help, it is easier to create mood and lighting solutions. If you hang your own special lamp, the room will become closer and dearer to you.

Pillows and poufs

Decorative pillows are a real find. With their help, it is easy to create compositions on chairs and sofas to complement the interior design. Here, you can use different colors and shapes. And if friends come, there is always a place on the floor where you can sit on pillows. Poufs are also wonderful additional sources of comfort. They are easy to move and create such a cozy atmosphere.

Photos, paintings, and posters

An old proven way, to quickly give a room comfort and make it home, is photos, paintings, and posters. It is especially important to use them when the wall is empty or has a not very attractive appearance. A large poster or picture will also save the situation. They will bring positive energy into the room. It will gain a fashionable look.

Favorable living environment flowers

Greenery always creates a favorable atmosphere of comfort in the house. Given the fact that young people always do not have enough time, it is not worthwhile to plant flowers that need complex care. Simple ficus is quite enough. In a minimalistic version, a cactus is suitable. Grains of cereals can create the effect of a green fresh islet. If they are laid in a shallow container and lightly sprinkled with earth, they sprout very quickly.

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