5 Interior Must-haves for Feeling Happier

5 Interior Must-haves for Feeling Happier

The spring is already here and it is the best time of the year when your apartment can painlessly accommodate fresh decorations and design. Check the top 5 interior must-haves that can make you feel extremely happier when you come back home from a tiresome working day.

Reflecting Light Mirrors
Enough living in the dungeon, gloomy cold days already recede into the background. As per psychologist and design expert, Eleftheria Karipidi, it is worth bringing more light to one house because it can perfectly boost mood. To achieve this target without keeping windows curtainless, think of buying mirrors that reflect the light. Place a mirror opposite the window and your room will be full of a comfortable atmosphere. Note, having a mirror in a house is a great solution to visually enlarge the small space. Otherwise, there are also furniture and housing accessories with a related feature.

Pastel Shades
Are you a lover of dark colors that at your taste look cheerful and comfortable? It is your right but do not underestimate the power of pastel shades. Dusty pink, light gray, and mint colors can help to moderate your stress and bring vivid feelings to your routine life. Karipidi encourages people to go for the blue color, as far as it brings the notes of relaxation and “tranquility”. No need to radically paint the walls, start with accessories or textiles.

Fluffy and soft fabrics are not only for children. Adults should go for them when they lack tactile comfort, especially when sleeping. Seek for silk bedding, or plush blanket to wrap yourself cold spring nights. Listen to your feelings, and choose the textile according to your taste.

Aroma Candles and Diffusers
Organize an intimate or meditative atmosphere at home with the help of scented candles and diffusers. The smell is the first thing you notice when entering apartments. Make sure, your home is comfortable in the aroma. However, experts recommend abstaining from too active fragrances that can distract you from relaxation. Choose the smell of vanilla, cinnamon, or your favorite floral aromas.

Natural Materials
Finally, Eleftheria Karipidi recommends decorating houses only with natural materials such as wood, stone, straw, cotton or marble. It gives the feeling of nature, and one can feel positive just laying on the wooden floor dreaming of forest walks or picnics. The same, you can bring flowers and plants for decoration.

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