What Questions Realtors have to be Asked?

What Questions Realtors have to be Asked?

The client has a need to buy or sell, but he does not always have an understanding of what to ask a realtor and in what way to interview them.

The Main Tasks Realtor should Accomplish

Any agent has a number of obligations to the client, the failure of which casts doubt on his professionalism. Before the start of cooperation, the realtor must sign a contract, tell about the amount of commission, and other possible expenses.

The main task of a realtor when selling is to sell the property expensively and quickly, and for this, it is needed to create the maximum demand. So, to create it, the realtor must have experience in this. Learn as much information as possible about previous experience of work of a specialist.

The main task of a realtor, when working for a buyer, is to find the best option on the market during the time of providing services.

What to Ask a Realtor?

To begin with, make a choice on what criterion you select a specialist. It is advisable not by phone, but at a meeting to find out what is the difference and what are the advantages of a particular realtor in the provision of services.

What questions to ask realtors at the first meeting?

  • How long do you work in this business segment?
  • Which agencies did you work in?
  • What are the last deals closed?
  • Do you have a priority, what objects to work with and in what segment (residential or commercial real estate; houses, apartments or offices?).
  • Why do I have to hire you? What is your distinctive feature in work from other realtors?
  • Can you close a deal (sale, purchase, or rent)?
  • How much time do you need for this (2-3 weeks, a month or two)?
  • Have you done the analysis of the real estate market for the present day?
  • Do you have statistics on sales of similar objects lately? In general, for what time he can do the analysis and show the starting price for the sale?

Ask if the realtor has documents that allow him to conduct business. Enquire about where he studied (higher education institutions), what courses, seminars, and master classes he took. In such a way, you will understand what kind of professional is in front of you, and predict what services you will be provided with.

And remember that a true professional should always be on the side of his client!

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