Top Morning Headlines of Ljubljana Slovenia

Top Morning Headlines of Ljubljana Slovenia

LenarčIč Assigns High Priority on Environment and Researches

Janez Lenarčič, EU delegate puts emphasize on the environment and researches. According to correspondents, he tells that such a portfolio should be a priority. And it is necessary to discuss it on the European level. Moreover, a plenary meeting will cover other topics. It will concern digitalization, international cooperation ways and enlargement in all the sectors.

Sid Bank Converts into a Systemic Bank

Andrej Bertoncelj, a finance minister of Slovenia, shared his plans on the bank sector. SID Bank will change its primary monetary direction. It is going to become a systemic bank due to the privatization of NLB. All the debates on its transformation will be held at the state level. But only after SID management will present their new strategy on the market.

Court of Audit Is About to Rule over Publicly Owned Companies

The Ministry of Finance announced a public debate on the expansion of the state auditor’s powers. It will control the companies publicly-owned by the state. As of now, the court already monitors all private companies. Now, the Court of Audit’s goal is to oversee state-owned entities along with their budgets.

A Spa Company to Give About 21% of the Deal 

Slovenian Sovereign Holding says NKBM is to receive around a 21% stake from Terme Olimia. The transaction will benefit the government’s interest to over 77%. As a result, SSH is going to demonstrate a takeover offer of all the left shares. Such a government’s initiative will strengthen ownership in the tourism field.

Corruption Watchdog’s Panel to Be Completed

Simon Savski is appointed as a deputy head of the corruption prevention commission. The President of Slovenia approved the plan of watchdogs’ anti-corruption panels. Along with Savski, there are Uroš Novak and Boris Štefanec who are going to form the group.

EU to Reconstruct Ljubljana Marshes Pile Dwelling

The recent EU plans on biodiversity showed the interest in the pile dwelling of Slovenia. The commission funded around €2,3 million. By such a move EU decided to save the historical heritage of the country.

Slovenians to Work for NASA

Four Slovenian astronauts have joined the NASA. Before departing, they paid tribute to Slovenia by taking some of the remarkable symbols of the country. The astronauts grabbed a national flag along with Kranjska klobasa sausage.


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