The treasured Mexican coast becomes accessible to foreign investor

The treasured Mexican coast becomes accessible to foreign investor

Three hours of flight from Los Angeles to the south – and you will discover a pristine corner! On the Pacific coast of Mexico is the largest in the country Bay of Banderas. Its coastline extends for almost 65 kilometers, 50 of which are beautiful beaches with interspersed cozy rocky coves.

This is the second most popular tourist area in Mexico. Guests are attracted by Cabo Corrientes at the northern tip of the bay, Puerto Vallarta in the central part, and Punto de Mita in the south.

Intensive development of the northern part of the bay. The main construction here is at the world-famous all-season resort of Punto de Mita, as well as in the resort of Rosewood.

The rapid development of the construction of exclusive housing has raised the level of quality at the world level. The best architects, artists, and builders create here, along with the Pacific coast, unique in the artistic embodiment of the house.

The most attractive in terms of investment luxury homes are built around Punto de Mita. According to Mexican laws, there are standards for the area for building.

The cost of plots on the unspoiled sea coast can reach 2 million US dollars. Real estate agency La Punta Realty offers luxury homes and exclusive development plots in private ownership in the resort area of Punta Mita.


Mexican, North American, Spanish, French and Italian investors have invested in the development of resorts in the Bay of Banderas. The first owners of luxury housing came from California, in particular from Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Currently, the Bay of Banderas is visited by more than 3 million tourists a year. Its population is about 325 000 people. According to the forecasts of the Mexican Tourism Development Bank, FONATUR, the number of tourists visiting the bay annually will increase to 6 million people in the next 20 years, and the population will more than double.

The Government of Mexico considers the development of the Gulf of Banderas a priority and hopes for the continued growth of its infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing number of residents. At the moment, much attention is paid to the development of electricity networks, water supply, telecommunications, the construction of airports and highways. The government also amended the laws on real estate, facilitating the purchase and construction of housing for foreigners.

At an average annual temperature of 30 degrees and 300 sunny days, you can almost enjoy the outdoors almost year-round.

This area has beautiful golf courses, designed by leading architects of the world, such as Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf. The bay, definitely, becomes a favorite vacation spot for world-class golfers.

The unique location of the resort provides excellent opportunities for recreation. You can simply enjoy the sun on the beach or engage in all kinds of water sports, including surfing, scuba diving, hang gliding, rowing, fishing, whale watching, etc.

The beauty of the Bay of Banderas is underscored by the lush tropical jungle and the Sierra Madre mountain range as fine scenery in the background.

To preserve this very impressive landscape and seek the designers. Buyers of luxury housing are attracted by the ecological perfection and the primordial nature of these places.

The diversity of the landscape contributes to the rapid development of eco-tourism. Mountain biking, hiking, rafting along winding rivers, horseback riding and much more, which can be dedicated from several hours to several days. During excursions to remote colonial cities or the Indian village of the Huichol tribe, you can get acquainted with the unusual culture of these places.

The area of Punta de Mita is characterized by carefree calm and silence, but at a little distance from it is Puerto Vallarta – a pleasant combination of old and new. In general, here you will get everything that a world-class tourist resort can offer.

In the largest city of the region, there are more than 200 restaurants, from the most ordinary bistros to exquisite places with chefs from all over the world and a diverse cuisine that can awaken the appetite of any gourmet.

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is the key. Here you can enjoy a leisurely conversation in a cozy atmosphere, walk along Malecon Street, get on a performance or dance the night away.

Many artists have found inspiration in the surroundings of Puerto Vallarta. There are many art galleries in which you can find works made in a variety of techniques. Perhaps, more galleries – only in the capital. Here you can realize your dreams of an ideal holiday.

Experienced investors consider the property in the Gulf of Banderas a profitable long-term capital.

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