The choice.

The choice.

If we had a contract ear schemes for purchasing an apartment at the construction stage, if a good acquirer had always received his housing a contract of proper quality and in the specified time …Then probably everyone would try to buy housing in the process of its erection. become  it is cheaper. But…

In fact, buying (investing) in a new building is always associated with a high degree of risk, which, in contrast to transactions in the “secondary housing” is almost impossible. But the “primary” too has its own advantages …So you have to choose …

Let’s start with a pleasant one. The new housing is fresh, no one has ever lived there before, therefore, from the point of view of claims before not announced and now suddenly claiming to own owners’ rights, the buyer  absolutely calm …

The lifetime of modern residential buildings also exceeds the most possible age of  previously built houses. Among the future long-livers, the first place is using by monolithic frame house construction, the bulk of which refers to the housing of an increased level of comfort (luxury class housing, etc.).

Pipes, electrical wiring, elevators, garbage chutes, finishing materials – all this in the erected houses, of course, is absolutely new.

It should also be added that recently more and more new buildings  in already lived-in areas, on the site of demolished houses (or in free places), respectively, residents do not experience difficulties with transport and infrastructure.

Now that “all is not gold that glitters” … New construction – a new building strife.

Usaly , the apartment looks like an empty garage box. There are only interior partitions, places where the future tenant can in his own power bring sewer pipes, batteries, wiring for ceiling lighting and at best 2-3 sockets on the wall.

In this case, ithe cost of repairs is 50% of the cost of housing. At the same time it is an ordinary quality repair without any frills and super-turns!

One of the moments of obvious disappointments is the condition of the walls, floor, ceiling, insulating glass. Since the new one, this does not mean a qualitative and correctly established.

As a rule, the screed on the floor has nothing to do with the norm of the concrete screed , and the curvature of the walls and the unevenness of the ceiling is easy to see with the naked eye. Because of this, put a smooth floor covering so that it does not stagger almost impossible … Do not even lay down the wallpaper, they have to stick with a big overlap … Well, and so on!

By the way, do not forget that within 5-7 years after construction, the new house shrinks, that is, there is some displacement of all its parts, insignificant, of course … but it is enough that the ceiling

But we will not go into the affairs of repairmen.

The problems of the legal plan are also not excluded in the primary market. After all, scammers everywhere find themselves a loophole. Very often, the timing of the delivery of the house is delayed, there are situations when the holders demand extra payments. This is not counting at all deceived co-investors!

This practice and a high possibility  of getting burned or “flying” forces potential buyers to pay attention to the secondary housing market. With the help of an experienced realtor and a lawyer, an apartment  thoroughly tested and bought, even on credit.

In particular, to buy an  apartment  from  an old owner, you can use a mortgage loan.

Buying an apartment in the secondary market, the buyer sees it “from” and “before.” He can touch it, take a picture, check the view from the window, check for the noise of neighbors and streets, test the level of the residents’ culture on the entrance and much more, which is permissible when the subject of the sale  is in front of you.

However, the buyer can not buy together with the apartment a new electrical wiring (in Soviet times, did not expect that you can use a powerful home appliances) and plumbing, unless, of course, the previous owners of the housing did not carry out a major overhaul, which is rare.

Therefore, the buyer should wait for some time the apartment he likes, until it is ready , and 100%, that is, it will be free of all visible and “invisible” owners, co-owners, heirs and others, “in distress on the high seas.” ..

Waiting sometimes takes a long time, because the landlord is looking for an alternative option – housing, where he moved from his living space.

It also happens that the landlord raises the price of his housing after the deal, so the buyer, by making a deposit or advance, has to book this offer and fix the selling price 

Unpleasant moment for the buyer of housing, both in the primary and secondary markets, is a constant rise in prices. In some periods, the growth rate is higher, in some lower, but on average, prices are rising

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