The Best Time to Buy a Home

The Best Time to Buy a Home

When do you think it is the right time to purchase a home (in Winter, Autumn, Summer or Spring) and when you should not do it? Thanks to the numerous researches that have been lead, you have no longer to think about it. To make a long story short, the high time is in August and September. This conclusion was made according to the study by website Zillow. During this season one will find a great number of promotions and discounts, and more houses on sale than at any other time. It also would be possible to bargain and find the best property for the affordable price.

There are several reasons why you may save money by  purchasing a house in Summer:

  • The growth of desperation as time goes on;

  • Home price deduction might become more popular;

  • It gives the opportunity to negotiate lower prices.

When there are a lot of houses for sale and a few potential buyers, the price reduction arrives. The law of economy determines the prices and if there are fewer buyers who want to purchase a house, the prices would be cut down. The website that made a research found out that 15.1% of realty listings had lower prices at the end of Summer and then had an increase in cost up to 12.8% in Spring. Knowing this fact, you boost your opportunities to buy a home for the affordable amount. The beginning of Autumn is also a high time for purchasing realty. Only this year there are 15.1% of houses on sale.

A Moving Target – the Best Chance to Purchase a House

You should keep in mind that there is no perfect time for purchasing realty and the period of discounts varies in every state. It also depends on the economic situation in the realty market.

Markets of immovable are not the same and not simple. That is why you should refer to median sales or census bureau data to know the market situation better. You cannot decide to buy a realty just in one day or say – let’s purchase an apartment in September or let’s clinch the deal and sell the house in May as the prices for realty would be high. Usually, it takes a lot of time to and research. You should visit all the potential homes, speak with the neighbors, discover the area, wait for the prices to decline. According to the researches, an average buyer spends above four months looking for a house.

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