The Best 7 Cities in Europe to Live in Luxury on the Cheap

The Best 7 Cities in Europe to Live in Luxury on the Cheap
Nowadays life in Europe is more accessible than ever. Prices for rent range from €430 to €688 per month. Innumerous places, the house may be bought for less than €86. The food is also not expensive. To have a snack you pay only €8,6. However, not every place in Europe has a good offer. There are positive and negative sides for new visitors.
Such a destination is more accessible than you think if you take into account everything in this city. For a small price, you may stay in a magnificent room, which would cost much more compared to other cities in Europe. For example, the price of a splendid hotel is approximately €141.
It is a city that surprises tourists with hospitable residents and delicious national cuisine. It will also please you with buildings, splendid parks, and an old castle. All this at a very affordable price. A night at the hotel will cost around €55.
Belgrade, Serbia
It offers a high level of richness and growth. The city proposes tourists many first-rate hotels with personnel that speaks several languages, which provides tourists with all the necessary data. Prices for luxury rooms are €142 – €1118.
This place is a home of stunning architecture, delightful food, and nice music. The prices are not high because of the difference in the currency rate. On average, a splendid hotel costs €172, and if you double that amount, you get a flat for €473 for the entire month.
It will meet you with his affability and open-mindedness of the local citizens. Prices for accommodation and cuisine are relatively low. A five-star hotels cost around €155 per day.
It meets all the requirements of good living. You may make investments in resorting, become a founder of an offshore company or open account in a bank. In this country, life is available, the country is not dangerous, and local citizens are friendly. As the city is constantly evolving, new five-star hotels appear in it.
Porto, Portugal
This place occupies the 13th range according to the living conditions. It is not expensive, the city is safe and its residents are friendly and open. A night in a first-rate hotel costs approximately €86. Food in luxury restaurants is more budget than in Europe.

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