Study Master’s Degrees In Thessaloníki

Study Master’s Degrees In Thessaloníki

Thessaloníki at a glance

Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, was voted the European youth capital in 2014. Landscapes, events, and a bohemian atmosphere turned Thessaloniki in a “city that never sleeps” and the cultural capital of Greece. Thessaloniki is intensely visited and, yet, doesn’t give the feeling of a crowded city. The broad streets take tourists to the beaches, monuments and restaurants and students to two of the main universities in Greece. This city is a living portrait of a culture, completed by the Greek traditional and relaxed spirit.   The cosmopolitan character of this harbor – city is marked by centuries of history that left behind monuments and buildings, architectural styles and a unique charm.  In the “bride of the Thermaic Gulf,” you will find plenty of international students and an accredited programme that will lead to a prestigious degree abroad.


Studying in Thessaloníki

In Thessaloniki, you can enroll in a Bachelor’s degree programme taught in English or Greek in business administration, psychology, computer science, linguistics, international relations and many others. Or, if you are applying for a Master’s degree, you can choose between management, entrepreneurship, online marketing, finance, and others.

You can earn your Master of Science (M.Sc.) diploma in management, psychology, software engineering or enroll in an executive MBA programme. The summer school is waiting for you with university short courses in the development of an international employability programme.


Career opportunities in Thessaloníki

Being the second largest city of Greece and having a strategic location as a trading hub for the Balkans area, Thessaloniki’s economy rose even since the Roman Empire. Services cover a major part of the economy, especially trade, education, healthcare, real estate, transport, communications, storage, finance, public administration and hospitality services. The port of Thessaloniki is one of the major cruise services providers.

However, universities provide assistance to students who wish to get employed in Greece or abroad. Some of them organize annual career fairs, where interested students can talk directly to employers.


Thessaloníki city life

Thessaloniki, the youth capital of Europe, has an active life, without compromising the city’s carefree vibe. Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, along with the sea breeze emphasize the cosmopolitan air of Thessaloniki. The second largest city in Greece is not as agitated as the country capital, but it is notorious for its vivid streets atmosphere and active nightlife.

Thessaloniki is about blending the cultural heritage of civilizations with modernity. All the city’s monuments have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Byzantine city walls, the Heptapyrgion castle, the Ottoman White Tower, the old city, the Archaeological Museum or the Museum of Byzantine Culture are some of the sites you should not miss in Thessaloniki.

The local cuisine is an important part of the culture, as well as the serving method from the highly visited restaurants. Nightlife is split between walks into the streets, bars, and clubs where you can socialize or locals where you can enjoy the traditional Bouzoukia music.

Several annual events that are of interest in Thessaloniki are the Thessaloniki Greek Film Festival, the Greek Song Festival, the International Trade Fair, the Wine Festival and the Documentary Festival.

International atmosphere in Thessaloníki

There is an international vibe in Thessaloniki, not only due to those who wish to study in Europe but also due to the nations that participated to the city’s story. Besides Greeks, in Thessaloniki, there are French, Italians, and Armenians.

Greeks are open to socializing with foreigners and there’s even a network dedicated to them and exclusive events.

Weather Thessaloníki

The climate in Thessaloniki means dry winters, with morning frost, fog, and very rare snowfalls. The coldest month is January and has an average temperature of 6°C (43°F). Summers are hot, with humid nights. Rainfall and thunderstorms rarely appear and the general weather is influenced by heat waves. July is the warmest month, because of average temperatures of 26°C (79°F).


Accommodation costs in Thessaloníki

Accommodation is available on and off campus, in private or shared apartments.

1. Accommodation in university residence halls is free and available only for students that come from large family or have financial needs.

2. You can share a 3-bedroom apartment and, in total, you will pay a rent of 330 – 425 EUR/month, depending on its location.

3. A one-bedroom private rental apartment just for you will cost around 190 – 250 EUR/month.

Living costs in Thessaloníki

Thessaloniki is a pretty affordable city that needs around 400 – 530 EUR/month, for your basic expenses.

A monthly transport pass is 30 EUR, while a basic utility invoice reaches 125 EUR.



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