Special Aspects of Minimalism in Interior Design

Special Aspects of Minimalism in Interior Design

Minimalism style in the interior comes not only from Japanese culture but also from the more famous high-tech style. Unlike the latter, minimalism is more adapted to everyday life and does not deprive it of convenience and luxury. The main emphasis is put on the following aspects:

  • the house is equipped with multifunctional furniture, there are almost no accessories;
  • the sources of light must be by hidden;
  • all lamps in this house have simple shapes;
  • minimalism in the interior represents a certain color scheme. Most often it is two colors – white and gray;
  • modern minimalism is maintained in the interior due to the selection of natural materials for decoration. Repair of the house is carried out using bricks, wood, plaster, concrete.
  • Materials with rough texture are welcome;
  • Select simple forms for the interior of the room.

Minimalism requires the use of such materials as metal, steel, glass, plastic, polished or textured wood. It can be applied at wall-paper, ceramics. Different styles and a lot of flat vertical or horizontal surfaces are always noticeable when the light reflects on the texture of the material. Objects which are placed in the interior should not contain additional decorations. Sofa, bed, table must be chosen carefully. They should be in harmony with the color of the room space.  Expensive sofa or bed can be made of natural polished wood and facades of kitchen sets – of stainless steel. In the living room, you may install a wardrobe with mirrors on the doors.

As for the lightning, it implies a large amount of daylight penetration into the room. Installation of windows of appropriate size will help to achieve such result. Blinds should replace the curtains. Choose lamps and chandeliers of the simplest forms made of polished metal, glass or plastic.

Another important detail is a color. Black and white are the best for minimalist design. They could be also combined with gray or brown. Add a few bright colorful pillows to create a subtle design. A large potted plant will also revive the space.

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