Roofs of the world

Roofs of the world

The roof of an apartment building in a megacity, a skyscraper or an office building is an excellent place, which in recent years has increasingly become a platform for of designers and architects. Especially popular are the gardens on the roofs. This is due to the lack of green areas in major cities.

However, the gardens on the roof now no one to surprise, so more and more often architects offer such options for the operation of roofs, which can hit many. . We present you the most interesting examples of the use of urban roofs.

Pools on the roof are a very popular solution in the case of penthouses. Often the elite accommodation on the last floors has its own pool and terrace. But sometimes on the roofs of there are artificial ponds of this area that are comparable with natural beaches and water bodies.

The example is the world’s most famous swimming pool, located on the roof of Singapore’s landmark, the Marina Bay Sands.



This pond rests on a huge platform, which, in turn, is located on the roofs of three skyscrapers at once. The total capacity of the territory including the park, the beach, the observation deck, is 4 thousand people.

The main attraction of the hotel complex is a swimming pool stretching for 150 meters. The view of Singapore from here simply opens stunning.

This is the case in Tokyo, where many roofs are not private property, but public space. On one of these roofs, there is a field for playing football.

This sports facility is open to football fans around the clock. Those who want to play have always, even at night and early in the morning – in Japan, they really adore this sport.

In the city of entertainment – Las Vegas – there is an amusement park that attracts fans to tickle their nerves, as the most terrible rides become even worse if placed on the roof of a skyscraper 300 meters high.

The park is located on the roof of the Stratosphere Hotel. There is also an attraction recognized as the highest in the world – a great shot. It is located at an altitude of 330 meters.

Often the inhabitants of megacities want a bit of personal space so that the architects implement absolutely fantastic projects. In the Chinese city of Zhuzhou on the roof of the eight-story shopping center are not gardens, not an office and not even a space for walking and rest, and private residential buildings with private plots!

In total, four double-decked cottages were built on the roof. Places for the organization of the household farm are abundant, the center of the city and the main entertainment are within easy reach. It would seem that some pluses. However, there is a significant negative – a significant noise from the constantly operating air-conditioning systems of the shopping center. Although what a minus for the owner of his own house with a spacious plot in a densely populated China!

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