Residence Permit Card in Germany

Residence Permit Card in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular European countries for immigration. According to the Federal Bureau of statistics of the country for 2013, 16.5 million foreigners live here, which is 20.5% of the total population of the Bundesrepublik. Turks population represents 12.8%, Polish – 11.4 %, Russians – 9%, Kazaks – 6,9%, Romanian – 4.4%, Italians – 4% and Greeks – 2.1%.

Foreigners often move to Germany for the purpose of family reunification, education or employment. Germany is a part of the European Union and the Schengen area. Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan need a Schengen visa issued by Germany or any other country of the agreement to travel to the country.

If you want to stay in Germany for a long period or live there, you will need to get a permanent resident card. The conditions for issuing residence permits are regulated by the law. Buying a property in Germany does not provide a possibility for getting a residence permit. However, when applying for a residence permit for example, on the basis of economic independence, being an owner of real estate in Germany will be considered an advantage


A residence permit may be obtained through marriage to a German citizen or admission to a German University. Before the marriage with a German citizen, a couple is interviewed with the participation of the Consulate, then they are verified if they live together for 3-4 years. You may also get a residence permit simply by entering a higher education institution in Germany: education in the country is available for foreigners, and students are given the right to work during studying.

Another way is to open a business in the country. The amount of the authorized capital for a limited liability company is €25,000. A foreign founder of a company without a residence permit can be appointed Manager if he has the opportunity to enter the EU at any time, for example, on the basis of multi visa. On average, the company registration process takes from 1.5 to 2.5 months. The business plan must be submitted to the foreign representative office of the realign pensioners, there are no special immigration programs for them. Usually, they receive a residence permit on the basis of economic independence. This way is suitable for those who have enough money. You may also ask for a residence permit in case of family reunification if you have relatives in Germany. want consular district or simply to the visa Department of the Embassy of Germany. The usual response time lasts from 6 to 15 months.

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