New Options For Those Who Want to Rent Luxurious Property from Airbnb Luxe

New Options For Those Who Want to Rent Luxurious Property from Airbnb Luxe

The Airbnb online accommodation booking portal exists since 2008. It provides services to customers with access to more than 6 million properties in 191 countries around the world. Recently, it has launched the Airbnb Luxe service, which allows you to book exclusive accommodation, according to a message on the Airbnb website.

What Will You Able to Rent?

Airbnb Luxe provides access to unique and impressive real estate properties. Service customers are now able to rent award-winning homes in New Zealand and South Africa, castles in France, and historic villas in Tuscany.

There are more than 2000 objects for booking. Among them come across castles, Tuscan vineyards, and secluded villas in Bali. The average weekly rental price is € 12,420, but for some properties, it can reach more € 880,000.

Most housing options are located in the Caribbean islands. Next come Latin America, Asia, and Australia. In the US, six destinations are available (Hawaii, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Park City, Utah, and the ski resort of Vyle), in Europe – five (London, Italian regions of Apulia, Sicily and Tuscany, the Swiss Alps). There are no options for premium housing in Russia on the platform.

Literature lovers can find inspiration and luxury on the beach at Villa Fleming in Jamaica, where Ian Fleming wrote his famous spy novels. Others may prefer complete privacy and exclusivity by ordering an entire island with its own self-proclaimed time zone in French Polynesia.

In addition to five-star housing, the service also includes a personal travel manager. He will help not only to organize accommodation, but also to book a table at the Michelin restaurant, for example. The offer also includes a transfer from the airport and personal staff – from a masseuse to a chef.

Many of the objects that Airbnb Luxe offers are owned by stars and billionaires. But to determine the owner of the property is not possible: this information is classified for the client.

In total, clients of the service have access to more than 2 thousand houses, each of which is assessed according to 300+ criteria to meet the standards in the field of design and functionality.

The launch of Airbnb Luxe helps to meet the growing demand of Airbnb guests for luxury properties. In 2018, the number of Airbnb orders for ads costing at least € 890 per night increased by more than 60%.

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