Montenegro. Peculiar Properties for Investors

Montenegro. Peculiar Properties for Investors

Montenegro is a young state that has gained independence relatively recently. This country is located on the Mediterranean coast and is very attractive to foreign investors. Currently, investments in real estate in Montenegro are popular, as you can buy real estate at a quite affordable price. The cost of housing in this state increases, which makes you sure that the investment in the long term will bring the desired income.

If you are interested in investing in Montenegro real estate, it is necessary to study the specifics of the local realty market and to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen object.

There are three popular options for investment in Montenegro property:

  • Most of the local investors prefer to buy annual immovables in Montenegro. If you prefer this option of investment, experienced investors recommend purchasing objects that do not require significant repairs. If you do not make mistakes when choosing a suitable property, you will be able to resell it profitably;
  • Buyers who expect to receive the maximum income prefer to invest the available capital in property, which is under construction. Such a campaign allows you to take profit from reselling the housing after it is put into operation;
  • The third is the acquisition of commercial real estate. Such objects can be very profitable to rent, provided that you do not make a mistake in the process of choosing a property.

At the moment, landholdings in Montenegro are very popular among domestic and foreign investors. Among the huge number of advantages of such investments, special attention should be paid to the following:

  • Reasonable prices for residential and commercial real estate
  • At the end of 2009, the government of Montenegro passed a special bill according to which foreign investors who have acquired realty in this state would have the same rights as its citizens.

  • The government of this state conducts a tax policy which is loyal to foreign investors. For instance, the tax at the conclusion of the transaction for the purchase/sale of immovables does not exceed 3%.
  • Investments allow you to count on getting a high profit. According to the available statistics, the profitability of such investments is 50-120%.

If you have decided to purchase realty abroad, you should pay attention to Montenegro. Currently, real estate in this state is one of the most attractive objects for investment.

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