Marble. Where to Use it in the Interior Design?

Marble. Where to Use it in the Interior Design?
Marble in Greek means “shining stone.” Since time immemorial, this noble material has been widely used in the erection and design of buildings and entertainment structures. Marble has such important properties as durability, heat resistance, frost resistance, water resistance, and, despite this, is a very flexible material for human hands.

Designers often resort to marble decoration of rooms, especially in such areas as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and hall. We’ve prepared the ideas where you can use this marvelous material in the interior design.

Bathroom Finish

The decoration of the walls and the floor in the bathroom with marble looks simply luxurious. Marble is an ideal material for rooms with high humidity – this stone is almost not a subject to destruction, has bactericidal properties (it does not allow bacteria and fungus to develop) and a high level of noise absorption. Marble looks massive – remember this when choosing a tile. Do not break the beautiful natural pattern with decorative elements. Veneer the wall evenly with large plates and avoid a large number of seams, so you will achieve the best result.

Kitchen Finish

The interior of the kitchen confronts us with excessive demands – ergonomics, coziness, comfort, beauty and, of course, practicality. The tabletop is under the greatest challenges. Marble is a natural stone, resistant to mechanical damage, the best material for the tabletop cannot be found. Marble is the epitome of luxury. No classic interior is complete without it. Modern style lovers should not be deprived of marble with their attention. Thanks to the wide range of natural colors, it can underline absolutely any style and geometric shape of furniture.

Marble Floor

Marble floor often serves as the main accent of the room. I think you yourself could more than once be convinced of this. Marble floor gives the room an atmosphere of grandeur, luxury, and harmony. It is not surprising that such floors are often found in the halls of opera houses, palaces, and country estates. The marble pattern is always unique and inimitable, therefore, your interior design will be truly unique!

Fireplace Facing

For a long time, the fireplace takes pride of place in the house. It is around him that on cold winter evenings, relatives and friends gather to enjoy conversations and live fire. That is why such attention is paid to the appearance of the fireplace. Marble is resistant to high temperatures, which makes it simply indispensable for a country house.

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