Landscape Design Trends 2019

Landscape Design Trends 2019

Winter for the gardener is the time of planning, thinking, and finding new ideas. And so that you could get inspiration from, we prepared a selection of landscape design styles that will be in trend in 2019.

Minimalism is the Style of Busy People

Its main features are simplicity, conciseness, calm palette, functionality, and expressiveness. Minimalism in 2019 continues to be one of the most fashionable and sought-after styles of landscape design.

It is best combined with modern architecture. The main strategy of this garden is to unite the green zone and living space. Today in the open air it is customary to equip high-grade summer kitchens, living rooms, and patios – cozy and comfortable places where you can have lunch, take guests or just sit with a laptop.

At the peak of popularity are gazebos, terraces, and barbecue areas with simple geometric shapes, but with high functionality and manufacturability. For example, pavilions with panoramic windows, modern areas for cooking, pergolas with a retractable roof, and etc.

Japanese Style

Europeans have always been attracted by the culture of the east with their energy of peace and harmony with nature, which is so lacking in an urbanized society. But since the landscape design of the garden is always subordinate to the style of the house (and European architecture has little in common with traditional Japanese houses), the Japanese style has taken root in the form of separate corners or islands in the gardens of Europeans.

The key elements of the Japanese garden are water, stones, and plants. Each of them represents a certain element, and the composition, even the smallest, is a model of nature, filled with inner meaning and symbolism. If the composition was composed successfully, it would be desirable to consider it as a work of art.

Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style is the same minimalism but in the northern sense. The Scandinavians, deprived of the sun and lush vegetation, are particularly sensitive to nature and appreciate its natural beauty.

Scandinavian receptions in demand in the upcoming season include:

  • large green lawns with single plantings or miniature group compositions;
  • arches, arbors, pergolas made of wood, twined with ivy or clematis;
  • hedges;
  • lawns with wild plants – cereals, heathers, wildflowers;
  • container flower beds;
  • stone paved grounds and walkways;
  • original wooden figurines, for example, the favorite characters of the Scandinavian epic – the dwarves.

Northern gardens are simple, concise, and functional but, at the same time, slightly magical and unusually cozy.

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