Landscape Design: Trends 2018

Landscape Design: Trends 2018

While the season has not come, it is time to search inspiration. Let’s see what will surprise us in landscape design.

  • Recreational Space

There is a real boom in garden buildings and not just on simple gazebos. For example, pergolas with built-in drainage, lighting, and heating will be a must purchase for every modern garden. In addition, the popularity of street kitchens continues growing with the division of zones for cooking, eating, and entertainment.

  • Bright Colours

As many bright plants as possible is a new principle of the garden. Bright floral borders, flower gardens consisting of a large number of bright plants of different species, creating a picturesque variety are the trend of the season.

  • No Boundaries/Verticals

The modern garden is an” open-air apartment”, which should not be inferior to the comfort of the interior of the house. It includes a cooking area, a Spa, a guest reception area. Another trend is a vertical garden. This concept is relevant for small plots.

  • Edible and Wild Plants

Vegetables, fruits, and berries are actively included in the design of the garden. Grapes are the most popular edible plants to decorate garden walls, arches, gazebos, and pergolas.

  • Geometry and Asymmetry

The most actual forms are very simple, unusual and in most cases, geometric. As a basis, one can use circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, and their combinations.

  • Materials/Metal Constructions

To be in trend use such materials as copper, tile with wood relief, pavement and printed concrete, stones of various colors. Install metal sculptures or arches.

  • Bushes/ Gramineous Plants and Herbage

Alpine slides are the most popular. They can occupy whole areas or grow in combination with bright colors, creating amazing images.

  • Flowerpots and Containers

The easiest way to fill the garden with plants is to put them in pots or containers, which can be moved from one place to another.

  • Naturality and Handmade

Handmade parts and accessories make the garden truly exclusive! Landscape art objects must be not only expressive but also functional.

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