Kriaritsi – a new legend of modern Greece by Damianos Sachbazidis

Kriaritsi – a new legend of modern Greece by Damianos Sachbazidis

Grekodom Development, a well-known and reliable player in the real estate market in Greece, announced the implementation of an unprecedented project in Kriaritsi, a small resort village located in an ecologically clean place on the peninsula of Sithonia, the middle «finger» of the Chalkidiki Peninsula. According to experts, currently Kriaritsi is considered one of the best beaches in Chalkidiki, thanks to its comfortable and soft sandy beaches, clear mountain air, transparent and almost always calm sea, impeccably fairy-tale forest.

The implementers note that the project will become truly unique due to the fact that there will be a harmonious infrastructure and quality environment in one place.

Overview of the Kriaritsi Project after it’s completion

In the construction of properties only environmentally friendly materials are used, thereby, nature will preserve its purity and wealth for future residents. In addition, the color combinations of residential houses in Kriaritsi will be created in tones harmoniously combined with nature.

Owners of future homes will not have to choose between life in the immediate vicinity of the sea and the desire to save at the expense of its remoteness. The most «distant» property will be located at a distance of 1 km from the sea. Moreover, from the window of each house will be an unforgettable view of the purest Aegean Sea and its sandy beaches and the Holy Mount Athos. This will be possible due to the fact that, according to the plan of the project implementers, houses in Kriaritsi will be located as an amphitheater.

Damianos Sachbazidis – Deputy General Director at Grekodom Development

Do not forget that purchasing property in Greece is a great investment. The cost of a single-story detached house and the adjacent land starts from 160 thousand euros. Leasing this property only during the summer season, which in Greece lasts an average of 6 months, the investment will pay off in five years.

Detailed information on the project website – http://kriaritsi.com/

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