Is it Possible to find Affordable Housing for Students in Germany?

Is it Possible to find Affordable Housing for Students in Germany?

Today, one of the most important factors when choosing a school in Germany is the opportunity to choose affordable housing for a student.

If earlier the key criteria when choosing an educational institution in Germany were the authority and reputation of the university, the teaching staff, international exchange opportunities, and employment prospects, today these factors have changed a bit.

Based on the current situation and feedback from students who are already studying in Germany, applicants, first of all, pay attention to the opportunity to find affordable housing. Very often, the residence is the source of many problems that applicants do not even suspect. How much costs a student room and is it easy to find it?

Big City Lights

Most applicants dream to spend their student years in such world-famous and interesting cities like Munich, Berlin, or Frankfurt am Main. Of course, first of all, they look after educational institutions in these regions. But it is worth thinking about that in megacities there is a corresponding demand for the price for living. The students, who dream of studying in these cities, be prepared for crowded audiences and housing problems.

The first problem that future students will face is the high prices for rental housing. An apartment in distant districts of Berlin will cost 6.70 euro/m2, in Hamburg – 9.20 euro / m2. Over the past five years, housing prices for students in these cities have increased by about 15-20%. But this is not the limit.

Frankfurt am Main (15 euro/m2 of rented accommodation) and Munich (16 euro/m2 of rented accommodation) are considered the most expensive cities in terms of rent for students.

More reasonable prices can be expected only in those cities where there are no large universities. But the presence of a higher education institution in which many students study is a very significant factor for high housing prices. For example, in such relatively small cities as Münster, Heidelberg, Göttingen, Marburg or Freiburg, housing prices are significantly lower.

No Vacancy?

High prices for accommodation – this is not a definitive list of problems associated with the housing. Lack of living space – that’s the problem! The opportunity to get a place in a hostel in many cities turned into an almost impossible task to accomplish. Only rare lucky people manage to conclude a housing contract and move into a room.

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