ImmoTrading GmbH – Company Profile

ImmoTrading GmbH – Company Profile
ImmoTrading GmbH is a real estate company. Founded 2012, the company focuses on successfully selling of real estatein Austria and abroad to the international customers, mostly Russian speakers.


ImmoTrading GmbH – Headquarters
ImmoTrading GmbH is your company if you intend to buy or sell residential and commercial properties in Austria, Hungary and the UAE.
We will accompany you during the whole procedure of the purchase, from the selection of the object and the organization of the views to the conclusion of the contract of sale.

In addition, we can give comprehensive advice on obtaining permission to purchase real estate and registration of residence permit, company registration. Also we help you to buy a company with a real estate object.

Mr. Gernot Hannesschlaeger
Mr. Gernot Hannesschlaeger is a General Director of the company ImmoTrading GmbH. He provides more than 10 years experience in real estate trading and can boast profound knowledge of the real estate market in Austria, but also abroad (Hungary, UAE).
Mrs. Elena Garanina
Mrs. Elena Garanina is an Executive Director of the company ImmoTrading GmbH. Born in Moscow, for over 5 years she has been providing the company with the knowledge of Russian, German and English languages, as well as connections to other countries’ nationals.

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