Go to Greece For Real Estate for 1 Euro with Grekodom Development

Go to Greece For Real Estate for 1 Euro with Grekodom Development

It’s Easy!

Greece is a country of picturesque rocks, plains, beaches, exotic grottoes, which provide great opportunities for complete physical and mental relaxation, both on the sea and in the mountains. Buying real estate in this country one will have an opportunity to enjoy these advantages.

Greece is an ideal place for conferences and business meetings. Holiday in Greece is a unique combination of excellent meeting rooms with museums, archaeological sites, historical attractions, shopping, and nightlife, as well as with favorable climate, which makes Greece attractive for business travel to mix business with pleasure.

The “Geekdom Development” company together with “Mouzenidis Travel” has developed a special program for customers who want to buy real estate in Greece. The program provides the opportunity to book a tour and the purchase of real estate is obligatory.

If you book a tour for the property with the obligation, the client must purchase one or more properties in Greece, with a total value of not less than 50,000.

The cost of such tour with the obligation of purchasing is a symbolic amount of 1. It includes:

  • Return ticket for flights;
  • Transfers;
  • Living in basic hotels;
  • Meals according to the hotel program;
  • Real Estate visiting;
  • legal advice on the acquisition of property and residence permit.

The duration of the tour for buying realty does not exceed 3 days. Moreover, only one person can benefit from the travel.

The cost of additional days of staying is calculated separately and is based on the daily cost of a hotel room as well as other additional services.

If for any reason the client has not made the planned purchase or the total cost of the purchased house is less than 50,000, the client, is in Greece, undertakes to make to the representative of the company an additional payment to the actual cost of his trip (the cost of the tour organization).

The client shall draw up a receipt of acceptance of obligations in accordance with the terms of the tour. Thus, if you have decided to buy a “house of your dreams” in Greece, the cost of which exceeds 50,000, then this type of tour is for you.

Damianos Sachbazidis – Deputy General Director at Grekodom Development

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