Facts and views of housing services worldwide

Facts and views of housing services worldwide

Cost of housing and communal services in different countries Serving companies are responsible for the state of the whole infrastructure of housing and communal services in Europe, which, in turn, are tightly controlled by the state. In some countries, utilities belong to the state, and special contractors serve them. In the UK, Germany, France, the practice of switching off water and electricity is common, and fines are extremely large.

Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland In Norway.

The average salary in the country is 2,950 euros. Housing for the Norwegians is 10.8% of the salary is 320 euros. The main part of the cost of utilities is in gas. For gas, they pay about 0.44 euro per cubic meter and for water about 2.7 euros per cubic meter., Electricity costs at a price of 0.22 euros per 1 kW. In Norway, Sweden, Finland, for the heating of houses in winter, alternative sources are often used: boilers on biofuel are cheaper than using electricity or gas. Sweden can be called the leader in prices for natural gas – 1 euro per cubic meter, and in Norway, with high income of the population, electricity prices are the lowest in Europe. But the water in Sweden has the lowest tariff and is often provided for free.


The average national salary of an American citizen is $ 3263 per month.

The cost of utilities per month depends on the place of residence and can range from $ 350 per month, but officially the share of costs per month for utility services is 12.9% per month. Water and gas in this country are also the main components of the utility bills. Electricity for average American costs in the 88 to 120 $ month. for water about 60-70 $ per month. For water about $ 20, gas in winter to 130 in summer about $ 30 per month. There is no rent in the US, but there is a property tax and it is 13% of the cost of housing. Payment for cleaning and maintenance is about $ 60 per month. Canada-the average salary in the country is lower than in the US and is only $ 2,724. The share of utility costs is only 7% – about $ 180. On average, gas costs are traditionally higher here, as in Canada, located closer to the North, more heat is required for heating. Tariffs for electricity and gas and water are very similar to the USA.


The average salary is 2300 euros. Pay for housing and communal services 13.5% of their salary is about 311 euros per month, water and gas in France is more expensive than in other countries. But we must pay tribute to the communal workers – in France, for the saved water return the amount at a higher rate than if you pay for the same amount of water in excess, thus saving water in France is beneficial.

The United Kingdom

The average salary of an Englishman is 1700 euros per month. Of this salary, more than 22% goes to pay for utilities and is at least 375 euros. In the UK, mainly for heating the apartment in the winter use electric heaters, so the cost of electricity – the main expense of the British.


The average salary in Australia is 3000 Australian dollars, and only 7.7% of Australians pay for housing and communal services per month – this is about 75 Australian dollars. But the monthly payment can be higher since the main expense of housing in Australia is water. For water per month in Australia, those living in their own apartment pay at least $ 160 per month + charges for cbl. It is interesting that if you rent an apartment – in most cases you do not pay for water. Gas is used little and mostly only in production, and in everyday life, electricity is mostly used. This is due to the geographical location and the lack of large natural gas resources. The cost of electricity in Australia has 3 tariffs: basic, nightly and the tariff for the use of certain electrical appliances. And here you can save a lot if, for example, use energy-intensive appliances at night. On average, about $ 50-60  is paid for electricity per month.


The average salary in Spain is 1900. The share of housing and utility expenses is 2%. For electricity, the Spaniards pay not more than 40 euros per month, for water payment is not more than 15 euros. The gas in Spain is practically not used in everyday life? if they buy gas, then in gas cylinders and annually gas costs do not exceed 30-40 euros per year. The maintenance costs are paid annually and depend on the number of residents. availability of house territory, etc.


For example, take a standard house in Greece, in the region of Halkidiki, an area of 120 sqm, with a small plot (up to 7 acres) for summer residence 3-4 months and 2-3 weeks in the off-season: Communal expenses and annual taxes • 288 € (electricity + water) • 400 € (emergency tax) • 500 € (heating and hot water) • 40 € (municipal tax) It turns out about 1228 € per year or about 100 € per month.

Therefore, wherever you are, even if for some time you do not live in your European home or apartment, try to pay for services on time, use the possibility of paying online (it works in all EU countries). Otherwise, upon arrival, unpleasant surprises in the form of disconnected communications can await you. Important! In several countries there is an automatic system of payment: every month from your account write off the right amount.

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