Countries with High Bank Interest Rates

Countries with High Bank Interest Rates

In a number of countries, interest rates can be as high as 20%. Of course, in exchange for such tempting interest, you will get constant fears concerning bank balance, the exchange rate and even the possibility of theft of your funds.


The General public remembered Bangladesh last year when above 1,000 textile employees were killed because of non-compliance with safety regulations. Today, workers continue to work in similar factories and believe that they are lucky if they earn $125 per month.

City banks try to bring capital in the currency of the country (Bangladesh Taka) and therefore offer a rate of up to 12% per annum. Local banks allow you to have an account that does not lower than $1000. There are also a great variety of international banks, nonetheless, currency is quite unstable.


Mongolia has been a country where financiers and their funds were treated very well. Just a couple of years ago, it showed the largest GDP growth in the world – up to 20%. New mineral deposits have been found, which could potentially make the region one of the prosperous in the region, thanks to the supply of resources to Russia and  China.

These plans have been changed by lack of sources. Money has lost 50% of its value last year. The number of foreign investments has also halved. Nonetheless, depositors may earn up to 16.1% per year in Mongolian banks. Even a thirty-day deposit can bring up to 8%, and this despite the fact that the opening of the account will need only $ 11.

Unexpectedly, Mongolian banks are quite stable, with a decent level of liquidity. The main drawback is the high probability of money devaluation. However, Mongolian banks provide the opportunity to open a dollar deposit at a rate of 6-7% per year or a Deposit in yuan, in terms of 3% per annum.


If nothing bothers you in this country, you could enjoy the highest borrowing rates on bank deposits in the world. Contribution for three months will bring you 20% and one – 17%. Nonetheless, there are two issues. The first one is that Ukrainian banks are famous for capital laundering. If the bank will buy any of the representatives of criminal circles, their money can be forgotten.

The second issue is the quick decline of the hryvnia. Over the past year and a half, this currency has declined almost three times compared to the dollar – from 8 hryvnias for $ 1, to 21 hryvnias for $ 1 and at one of the peaks in 2015, the dollar cost more than 30 hryvnias.

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