Features of Investing in Сommercial Real Estate in Europe

Features of Investing in Сommercial Real Estate in Europe

A commercial real estate is not necessarily a cafe, restaurant, office or a guesthouse. It may also be an ordinary apartment, apartment or house, which are rented and are used to take profit from them. To determine the commercial immovable abroad, this criterion is also the main one.

This topic is very relevant nowadays, as Russian investors from all major cities of Russia began to buy actively foreign reality. In addition, most of them are in Europe. The criteria for their choice, first of all, include the stability of the country’s legislation and the average growth in prices for this product. The mechanism of sale and purchase of apartments and houses by non-residents is also important. All these factors affect the safety of the investment. An important point is considered to be related to taxes. It is also necessary to predict in advance the possible net profit from the operation of the apartment, taking into account all deductions. A lot of buyers take into account the possibility of obtaining a residence permit.

Mainly commercial immovable in Europe is in form of hotels or restaurants business, shops or industrial enterprises, as well as the offices for business activities. In recent times buying yachts for the subsequent commercial operation become more and more popular. This is very important in countries with access to the sea-Montenegro, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Nowadays Croatia is considered to be the country with the most favorable conditions for investment. Cyprus, Spain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Montenegro are also worthy of attention. Bulgaria offers excellent conditions for renting out offices, but there are many nuances with obtaining a residence permit.

A lot of established businessmen are ready for serious investments into business reality.  Many of them underline a possibility to get a residence permit via buying immovable in certain countries. In Bulgaria villas, houses, hotels of Varna and Golden Sands resort are also in demand. The cost of one square meter depends on the area of proximity to the sea. The highest prices are in “Golden Sands” and in the suburbs of Varna.

This was the overview of buying property in Europe for taking profit. These facts give a reason for reflection and assessment of opportunities.

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