5 New Habits to Refresh Your Real Estate Business in 2018

5 New Habits to Refresh Your Real Estate Business in 2018

There is a distinct difference between the professional habits of top performing real estate agents and those who struggle to grow their business. Growing a successful business requires quality habits with specific and measurable goals.


Key Takeaways

  • Consider spending a few hours every day contacting new prospects
  • Think about how to add extra value to your clients in every transaction
  • Work hard to step up your social media marketing game
  • Treat your business like a passion and learn new professional skills every year
  • Balance your personal and professional life with the 10% rule
Source: realtor.com


BriefTop performers in the real estate industry take deliberate and daily actions to stay on top. Top producers do the most business because they work harder than other industry professionals. Here are five ways to build your business: Meet more people – Real estate is a people business. Prospecting new clients should be a daily task for any professional wishing to grow their business. Justin Udy at realtor.com recommends setting ambitious prospecting goals and working hard to uphold expectations. Consider dedicating a few hours every day to making a minimum of 50 to 60 calls.Add more value – New technology and innovation are everywhere in the real estate industry, and clients expect the best service. As a real estate agent, consider ways to add value for your clients in a transaction. Clients appreciate simple things like hand-written thank you cards or pizza on moving day. Also think about going the extra step to provide professional advice, information, or insights when relevant.Post on social media channels – Social media is a massive part of marketing efforts for all top producers. Taking control of your social media presence can seem overwhelming at first, but small steps over the next year will definitely lead to more business in 2019. Post consistently and create quality content as often as possible. Avoid promoting yourself and your business too heavily, because at its core, social media is about building mutually beneficial relationships with others.Make this your craft – Treat your real estate business like a craft and passion. It is important to improve your professional skill set every year and keep up with new industry trends. Try mastering one skill set every quarter, so next year you can offer clients more value with new professional skills.The 10% rule – Balance is crucial to a healthy work life. The 10% rule advocates for allowing yourself 10% of your time to slack off, while the other 90% is dedicated to hard work and healthy habits. In other words, try drinking sufficient water, sleeping 7-8 hours a night, and eating healthy 90% of the time. In your professional life, ensure that you are focused on working hard 90% of the time, while allowing yourself some slack in the other 10%.


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